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Sky Poker Site Screenshots

Taken 20 November 2017 10:22.

Punters Playing Poker.

The Table Options.

Bonus Boost

Sky Poker Bonus Boost

Sky Poker customers can get a bonus boost on their loyalty points this November by hitting targets.

The number of poker points you earn in November determines the boost you'll receive in December.

Points TargetBonus Boost %

Example: If you earn 1,250 poker points you'll be rewarded with a 20% boost to the points you earn from 1st December at 12pm until 23:59 on 24th December.

Get a Bonus Boost

£50k Mini UKOPS

Sky Poker Mini UKOPS

Sky Poker customers can take part in Mini UKOPS from 13th-19th November. With 31 events and £50,000 prizes. Buy ins start from £2.20.

The Schedule

Monday 13th November

Mini UKOPS 01£500 Bounty Hunter6:30pm£2.20£50010
Mini UKOPS 02£1,500 Bounty Hunter7:30pm£5.50£1,50010
Mini UKOPS 03£3,000 Bounty Hunter8:30pm£11£3,00012
Mini UKOPS 04£1,000 Turbo Bounty Hunter9:30pm£3.30£1,0007

Tuesday 14th November

Mini UKOPS 05£500 Turbo6:30pm£2.20£5007
Mini UKOPS 06£1,500 Turbo7:30pm£5.50£1,5007
Mini UKOPS 07£3,000 Turbo Megastack Bounty Hunter8:30pm£11£3,0007
Mini UKOPS 08£1,000 Turbo Bounty Hunter9:30pm£3.30£1,0007

Wednesday 15th November

Mini UKOPS 09£500 Bounty Hunter6:30pm£2.20£50010
Mini UKOPS10£1,500 Bounty Hunter7:30pm£5.50£1,50010
Mini UKOPS 11£3,000 Bounty Hunter8:30pm£11£3,00012
Mini UKOPS 12£1,000 Turbo Bounty Hunter9:30pm£3.30£1,0007

Thursday 16th November

Mini UKOPS 13£500 Bounty Hunter6:30pm£2.20£50010
Mini UKOPS 14£500 Omaha Hi-Lo Bounty Hunter7:15pm£5.50£50010
Mini UKOPS 15£1,500 Bounty Hunter7:30pm£5.50£1,50010
Mini UKOPS 16£3,000 Deep Stack8:30pm£11£3,00012
Mini UKOPS 17£1,000 Turbo Bounty Hunter9:30pm£3.30£1,0007

Friday 17th November

Mini UKOPS 18£500 Bounty Hunter6:30pm£2.20£50010
Mini UKOPS 19£1,000 Deepstack Bounty Hunter7.15pm£3.30£1,00010
Mini UKOPS 20£1,500 Mega Stack7:30pm£5.50£1,50010
Mini UKOPS 21£5,000 Rebuy Bounty Hunter8:30pm£5.50£5,00010
Mini UKOPS 22£1,500 Turbo Rebuy Bounty Hunter9:30pm£3.30£1,5007

Saturday 18th November

Mini UKOPS 23£500 Bounty Hunter6:30pm£2.20£50010
Mini UKOPS 24£1,500 Rebuy7:30pm£5.50£1,50010
Mini UKOPS 25£4,000 Bounty Hunter8:30pm£11£4,00012
Mini UKOPS 26£1,000 Turbo Bounty Hunter9:30pm£3.30£1,0007

Sunday 19th November

Mini UKOPS 27£500 Deepstack6:30pm£2.20£50010
Mini UKOPS 28£500 Omaha Hi-Lo Bounty Hunter7:15pm£5.50£50010
Mini UKOPS 29£2,500 Bounty Hunter7:30pm£5.50£2,50010
Mini UKOPS 30£5,000 Freezeout Main Event *8:30pm£11£5,00012
Mini UKOPS 31£1,000 Turbo Bounty Hunter9:30pm£3.30£1,0007
  • This promotion will run from Monday 13th to Sunday 19th November 2017.
  • All tournaments held on Sky Poker are in pounds sterling (GBP). If an account is held in an alternative currency then the cash bonus amount will be converted at the relevant exchange rate provided by Sky Poker's banking partner on the day the bonus is credited. Accounts will be credited with the cash bonus before 23:59:59 GMT by, or on the 5th business day following the calendar month end, in accordance with the tournament payout structure.
  • Any evidence of manipulation, abuse or collusion in this promotion will result in complete forfeiture of any tournament prize pool winnings.
  • Sky Poker reserve the right to amend attributes of the UKOPS XX series, including, but not limited to, prize pool guarantees, length of blind levels and number of starting chips.
Play Mini UKOPS

Play Fast Paced Spin Up Cash Poker

Sky Spin Up Cash Poker

Sky Poker customers can play a fast paced version of Cash Poker called Spin Up Cash Poker. Players must make decisions for all of their chips more frequently.

  • The maximum buy-in is 10 big blinds.
  • The minimum buy-in is 3 big blinds.

The stakes that are offered are:

  • 10p/20p - NLHE & Omaha.
  • 25p/50p - NLHE & Omaha.
  • 50p/£1 - NLHE Only.
  • £1/£2 - NLHE & Omaha.
  • £1.50/£3 - NLHE & Omaha.
  • £2/£4 - NLHE & Omaha.
  • £2.50/£5 - NLHE Only.
  • £3/£6 - NLHE Only.
  • £5/£10 - NLHE Only.

Sky Poker does not currently offer Omaha Hi-Lo Spin Up tables.

Customers can find a dedicated tab called Spin Up in the cash lobby.

Play Spin Up Cash Poker

Earn Poker Points For Bonuses & Rewards

Sky Poker Rewards

The Sky Poker loyalty scheme rewards customers for playing poker. Customers can earn poker points when they play real money games, and progress through six loyalty levels to earn bonuses and rewards. Bonuses include entry to £5,000 worth of freerolls, MTT tokens and rakeback.

  • Customers must earn a minimum of 50 poker points per week and the more they play the more they earn.
  • The bonus that a customer receives is based on the number of poker points they have earned in the previous week.
  • The scheme starts afresh every Monday.
  • All customers are automatically opted in to the loyalty scheme.
  • Customers earn 6 Poker Points per £1 of rake in Cash Games, and 10 Poker Points per £1 in registration fees in Sit & Go's and Tournaments. More details can be found by following the link below.
  • Poker Points earned in one week cannot be carried over to the next week.
  • Weekly Sky Poker Rewards are as follows:
RewardsPoker PointsBonusBenefits
Blue50-99-£1K FR Mon-Fri
Steel100-499£2.30 token£1K FR Mon-Fri
Bronze500-9991.0p per point£1K FR Mon-Fri
Silver1000-14991.25p per point£1K FR Mon-Fri
Gold1500-19991.5p per point£1K FR Mon-Fri
Platinum2000+2.0p per point£1K FR Mon-Fri
  • The Rewards Freerolls run every Monday to Friday, begin at 7:30pm and have a £1,000 daily prizepool.
  • Players must have earned a minimum of 50 Poker Points in the previous week in order to be eligible to register for the Rewards Freerolls.
  • Cash and Tournament Tokens will both be credited to accounts within 48 hours of the week ending.
  • If customers earn less than 50 poker points in a week, they will not receive any rewards.
  • The £2.30 Tournament Token can be used for both MTT's and Sit & Gos.


If a customer earns 65 poker points in a week, they will enter Blue Rewards Badge Level, and gain access to a £1000 Freeroll from Monday to Friday (five times) during the following week.

If a customer earns 300 poker points in a week they will enter Steele Rewards Badge Level and receive a £2.30 tournament token, and gain access to a £1000 Freeroll from Monday to Friday (five times) during the following week.

If a customer earns 2000 poker points in a week they will enter Platinum Rewards Badge Level and receive a £40 bonus (at 2.0p per point), and access to a £1000 Freeroll from Monday to Friday (five times) during the following week.

Earn Sky Poker Rewards

Win Up To £5K with Final Table Jackpot

Sky Poker Final Table Jackpot

Sky Poker customers can win up to £5000 in one night with the Final Table Jackpot. If customers final table the Main and Mini events in the same evening they are guaranteed a payout with the Final Table Jackpot. The higher up the finishing position a customer reaches, the more they win. The two top places earn £5000.

The Final Table Jackpot payouts can be found by following the link below.

  • To be eligible for the Final Table Jackpot players must take part in the 8pm Main event and the 8.30 pm Mini event.
  • The Main events run every evening at 8pm and the Mini events run every evening at 8.30pm.
  • If either the Main event or Mini event is voided or cancelled, then the Final Table Jackpot cannot be won.
  • All jackpot wins are subject to a delay of 2 to 5 business days for all security checks to be made.
  • During January 2017, any player who manages to final table the 8pm Bounty Hunter Champion Main Event, and the 8:30pm Bounty Hunter Champion Mini Event in the same evening, will get the opportunity to win a share of the Final Table Jackpot.


If a customer final tables in 1st position in the Mini event and 1st position in the Main event, they will get a guaranteed payout of £5000.

If a customer final tables in 1st position in the Mini event and 2nd position in the Main event, they will get a guaranteed payout of £2500.

(Payouts are detailed by following link below.)

Play To Win Jackpot

Jump Start - Get Double Poker Points

Sky Poker Jump Start

The Jump Start promotion from Sky Poker gives customers the chance to double their poker points by continuing to play cash poker single-handed. For every cash hand a customer plays with three players or less, Sky Poker will boost poker points by 100% (double the amount) of Poker Points earned.

  • Only hands that include three players or less will qualify for the points boost.
  • Poker Points accrual updates in real time.
  • Sit and Go’s and Tournaments are not applicable to this promotion.
  • Customers earn 6 Poker Points per £1 of rake in Cash Games.
  • Cash hands played via mobile devices will be eligible.


If a customer gets £6 of rake in a cash game with three players, they will earn 36 poker points (£1 of rake in Cash Games = 6 Poker Points). This will then be doubled to 72 poker points.

If the cash game had more than three players, the customer would not receive the points boost.

Get Double Poker Points

Sky Poker Review

Owned and operated by the huge Sky TV company, Sky Poker delivers Texas Holdem, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo games, with a good volume of players at all levels. Lots of bonuses can be claimed by new customers and regulars alike, while an exciting highlight is the chance for players to have their games shown live on the Sky Poker channel.

Opened in 2007, they are not part of a network of other poker rooms, but are still large enough to have several thousand people at the tables during peak hours and they use bespoke software to give a unique look, feel, and style to the whole site. It all looks very neat and is clearly branded with the Sky logo. Navigation is pretty easy, with a simple homepage linking to a poker schedule, registration pages, current promotions information and the poker TV channel.

The 'How To Play' section consists of step-by-step details about how to sign up, use the lobby area, find a table, buy in to a game and more. A poker school will guide anyone who is new through the basics, although more experienced players will still find lots of useful information to help them to improve their game.


Before playing, a customer will need to download the software to their PC, which should only take a few minutes and can be done in just a couple of clicks. Poker varieties are a bit limited, but most online poker players stick to Texas Holdem, which is provided in abundance, while Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo are also popular. Getting to a table is very easy, with users just needing to choose from cash games or tournaments, selecting game type and then either picking a game from the list or using the handy Quickplay feature to narrow down stakes, number of players, limits etc. There is even a link to televised games, which adds a whole new dimension that no other poker site can offer.

The tables themselves are presented clearly in a relaxing blue colour, with quality graphics that are simple to understand. Players can create an avatar and nickname for themselves, which will appear in their table position, while there are lots of opportunities to customise the tables by displaying hand history, average hands per hour, enabling sound effects, auto-mucking losing hands etc.

Chat is always popular at poker tables, and competitors can either display it and join in, or just minimise the chat screen. Other options include a facility for blinds to be posted on the players behalf if they need to be away from a tournament table for a while, or the possibility to sit out cash games while still retaining a seat.

Cards can be displayed in full detail or in a simplified format which is easier to read quickly, while table sizes can be adjusted from full screen to mini view. If more than one table is being played at a time, they can be 'tiled' to show them all on screen, and an 'auto focus' facility which causes the table to flash when it is time for the player to act. A players forum can be found under the 'Community' link where people can discuss all aspects of the games, learn from others to how best to use the site, or just brag about some big wins. Although there may not be any Stud Poker or Speed games, Sky still offer some top quality software, infinitely adjustable to suit each client's personal preferences.

Bonuses and Promotions

There's quite a range of bonuses here, although like any good poker operator, Sky constantly update their offers. New customers will usually be offered a first deposit match bonus, which means that for every £10 paid into their account, Sky will add another £10 in bonus funds. These funds will be released gradually, the more the customer plays and can be up to a maximum value of £100s. Regular offers can include a small no-deposit deal for new players, where they are given £10 or so to play real games and win real money. These bonus funds are paid out as Poker Points, not actual cash. An additional offer is free entry to exclusive new player freeroll tournaments, which are a great way to learn how the software and games operate without the need to stake anything, while perhaps also winning a decent prize at the end.

Returning users collect poker points each time they stake money on a cash game or buy into a tournament. Points are earned at different rates depending on how many are accumulated during any given month, so a casual player could earn 1 Point for every £10 spent, whilst a high roller could earn them at twice that rate. Those who get about 10,000 points per month can enter the Priority Rewards scheme, earning up to 30% rakeback, faster payouts, entry to exclusive tournaments, freerolls and competitions, plus a VIP manager to handle their account.

Other promotions include some huge tournaments, with monthly ones often having prizes of £10,000s, and Sky have their own national tour with six stages and a grand final where the top prize is around £60,000. 50/50 tournaments run until half of the competitors remain, with each of them getting their buy-ins returned, plus a share of the prize pot, while Turbo Tuesday tournaments, which are shown live on Sky Poker, feature three events within an hour of each other.


There is a highly detailed FAQ section that goes step-by-step through how to deposit and withdraw funds. Accepted methods include credit and debit cards, plus e-wallets, although prepaid cards and vouchers are not allowed. The minimum deposit amount is just £5. Withdrawn funds are paid back to whichever card or e-wallet was used to make the most recent deposits, or by bank draft. It can take 3-5 working days for money to get back to a credit or debit card account, but when an e-wallet has been used, it is usually much quicker.


Sky Poker is an excellent site, with just some minor issues, the main one being that only a couple of game types are offered, so players looking for lots of variety may wish to look elsewhere. Having said that, there are lots of games and tournaments going on at any time, with good player volumes at a wide range of buy in prices. Promotions can be quite lucrative, with three separate offers to attract new players and a good loyalty points system, especially for high rollers. An additional benefit of playing at Sky Poker is that once an account has been opened at any part of their site, the same login details and account can be used across the sportsbook, 'Vegas' casino, and bingo areas.

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