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Account sign-up page.

An in-play Texas Holdem table.

VIP Steps - Earn Rewards From Poker Play

VIP Steps from Full Tilt Poker rewards all customers when they play poker. Customers must complete Steps by playing real money games and then earn StarCoins, which can be spent in the VIP Store. The more customers play, the more they earn.

  • Customers earn VIP Player Points (VPPs) when the play for real money, which contribute to their progress in completing Steps. Every time a customer completes a Step, they’ll receive an amount of StarsCoin, as a rebate of their contribution to rake or tournament fees.
  • VPPs are earned by laying real money poker hands where the customer contributes to the rake collected from the pot, as follows: 5.5 VPPs for each $1.00 USD, 4.25 VPPs for every $1.00 CAD, 6.1 VPPs for each €1.00 EUR, or 7.25 VPPs for each £1.00 GBP in fee paid.
  • The VIP Steps program has six VIP statuses: BronzeStar, ChromeStar, SilverStar, GoldStar, PlatinumStar and Supernova.
  • Statuses are earned through completing monthly Steps. Each status has its own set of rewards and benefits.
  • VIP status rewards include cash rebates, store merchandise, tournament tickets, Spin & Go tickets, Sit & Go tickets and weekly VIP tournaments.
  • All customers start at Bronze Star status.
  • The following table shows the monthly requirements for reaching and maintaining each VIP status.
VIP StatusTotal StepsSteps to MaintainVPPs per StepCumulative Monthly Rebates
BronzeStar2005Up to 169 StarsCoin (8-9%)
ChromeStar25520Up to 1,490 StarsCoin (12-16%)
SilverStar255100Up to 9,375 StarsCoin (15-21%)
GoldStar3010250Up to 33,875 StarsCoin (18-25%)
SupernovaInfinite20500Cumulative Annual Rebates From 51,000 StarsCoin (28%)
Earn VIP Rewards

Card Match – Win Cash and Prizes

Full Tilt Poker are giving customers the chance to win cash and prizes every day with CardMatch.

  • CardMatch is a mini game that appears on customer’s regular Zoom and cash game poker tables.
  • Once customers have opted in for CardMatch at the poker table, they’ll be given a Game Card to use featuring 10 slots.
  • To complete the CardMatch Game Card and win an instant prize, customers must play eligible Zoom and regular cash games and match any cards from the Game Card with the customer’s winning pocket cards.
  • Customers can complete their CardMatch Game Card and collect a prize once per day at each of the following stakes: $0.01/$0.02, $0.02/$0.05, and $0.50/$1.00.
  • Customers can also collect at prize at either $0.05/$0.10 or $0.08/$0.16, and either $0.10/$0.25 or $0.25/$0.50 (up to five prizes per day).
  • To match the cards, when a customer plays a hand, their hole cards can be used to match slots on their Game Card, as long as they win the hand. It doesn’t matter at what stage of the hand they win it - pre-flop, on the flop, the turn, the river or at showdown - as long as the customer wins the hand, matched hole cards will count.
Win Cash and Prizes

Women Only Sunday Poker Tournaments

Full Tilt Poker give their female players their own exclusive tournament on Sundays. The Women’s Sunday runs every week and is a big money event.

  • Customers can buy in directly or win their seat for less, with hundreds of satellites running throughout the week starting from under $1.
  • Customers can also qualify using their StarsCoin.
  • To buy-in directly or register for a satellite, customers can find ‘Women’ when searching in the software.
  • All Women tournaments are restricted to female only players. The Management’s decision is final in matters regarding a winner’s eligibility.
Play Women's Poker

Sunday Million Tournment $1M Prize Pool

The Sunday Million available to play at Full Tilt Poker is the world’s biggest poker tournament with a $1,000,000 prize pool guaranteed. First prize is regularly in excess of $150,000. The tournament is a No Limit Hold’em tournament.

  • Customers can win their seat to the tournament with hundreds of satellites held throughout the week.
  • Satellites start from as little as $0.55 or just a few StarsCoin.
  • Alternatively customers can buy in for $250 every Sunday.
  • To buy-in directly, customers must open the software and search for ‘Sunday Million’ in the ‘Tournaments’ tab (desktop), or via the ‘Tourney’ tab accessed from the Lobby (mobile). Customers can also select ‘Satellite’ in the tournament ‘Type’ filter, or find on desktop via the ‘Online Events’ tab.
  • Video highlights from the Sunday Million tournament are shown on PokerStars.tv
  • The Sunday Million tournament is open to all poker players. 
Play Sunday Million Poker

Win Package With Monte Carlo Spin & Go

Full Tilt customers can turn €10 into a PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo Main Event package with this promotion. The package includes a seat in the Main Event with the PokerStars limited edition Spin & Go tournaments.

Customers can play a €10 Spin & Go and if their prize spinner hits the top tier they’ll be playing for the following:

  • A seat in the €5,300 PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo Main Event (April 29-May 5, 2017)
  • Eight nights’ accommodation for customer and a guest at Le Méridien Beach Plaza, checking in on April 28 and checking out on May 6
  • €728 for travel expenses, credited to customer’s account within 72 hours.
Win Poker Package

The Big Stacks Play Money Tournaments

The Big Stacks is a schedule of Play Money tournaments with big starting stacks, available non-stop. Entries for tournaments range from 100K to 5M chips. Starting stacks are the same as the customer’s buy-in amount.

  • Every Big Stack tournament features a guaranteed 50M chip prize pool.
  • Tournaments run hourly every day.
  • There are no satellites to these tournaments so customers must earn chips or buy chips.
  • Each tournament has a one-hour registration period before it starts, and a one-hour late registration period.
  • To take part, customers must ensure ‘Play Money’ is selected on the platform they are using, and search for ‘Big Stack’.
  • The schedule for tournaments is as follows:
TimeBuy-in/Starting Stack
00:30 ET, 04:30 ET, 08:30 ET, 12:30 ET, 16:30 ET & 20:30 ET100K
02:30 ET, 06:30 ET, 10:30 ET, 14:30 ET, 18:30 ET & 22:30 ET250K
01:30 ET, 05:30 ET, 09:30 ET, 13:30 ET, 17:30 ET & 21:30 ET500K
03:30 ET, 07:30 ET, 11:30 ET, 15:30 ET, 19:30 ET & 23:30 ET1M
01:45 ET, 05:45 ET, 09:45 ET, 13:45 ET, 17:45 ET & 21:45 ET5M
Play Big Stack Poker

Spinball Win Up To $20K In Tournament

The Spinball promotion from Full Tilt Poker gives customers the chance to win up to $20,000 a day when they take part in the Spin & Go tournament, which combines poker and a pinball puzzle.

  • A new pinball puzzle is available every day in the Challenges Window.
  • Customers must opt-in once per day to the challenge. Once the Challenges Window is open, the customer will see a range of Spin & Go challenges. Customers must complete a challenge to collect a pinball puzzle piece.
  • Each puzzle has 11 pieces. If a customer collects five pieces they can receive a free random cash reward up to $10,000.
  • If a customer collects all 11 puzzle pieces in a day before 23:59 ET they will receive another random cash reward up to $10,000.
  • Any Spin & Go tournaments played prior to opting in will not count towards a customer’s progress.
  • Random cash rewards won will be displayed in a customer’s Challenges Window.
  • Cash rewards will be credited instantly and with no restrictions or earning requirements.
  • Spinball puzzles can only be completed by playing real money Spin & Go tournaments.
Win Up To $10K

The Deal Progressive $25K Jackpot

The Deal’s Progressive Jackpot from Full Tilt Poker starts at $25,000 and keeps growing until it hits. Customers can use The Deal to turn their StarsCoin into cash prizes by using seven StarsCoin to buy-in to The Deal, with the chance to spin the wheel to win the progressive jackpot. If customers don’t make it to the jackpot round they still have a chance to win cash prizes worth up to $300.

  • If customers reach the jackpot round in The Deal, they will receive 50% of the jackpot money into their account.
  • If customers play in The Deal in the 12 hours before the jackpot hits, they will automatically win a share of half the jackpot.
  • Customers can play every day to increase the chances of getting a share when someone wins the jackpot.
  • Once customers have selected ‘The Deal’ to play in the lobby of the desktop software, they can choose whether to play for seven or 70 StarsCoin. The bigger buy-in offers larger prizes and a better chance of hitting the jackpot.
  • Customers will be dealt seven cards face down and must choose to discard two. They will then be left with a five-card poker hand. The better the hand the customer has, the bigger the prize they will receive.
  • The prizes available to win are as follows:
Hand7 StarsCoin70 StarsCoin
Royal FlushJackpot RoundJackpot Round
Straight Flush$250Jackpot Round
Four of a Kind$30$300
Full House$5$75
Straight50 StarsCoin$10
Three of a Kind25 StarsCoin300 StarsCoin
Two Pair7 StarsCoin70 StarsCoin
One Pair2 StarsCoin10 StarsCoin
Ace High1 StarsCoinNo prize
High CardNo prizeNo prize


A customer uses 7 StarsCoin to buy-in to The Deal. They get a Royal Flush and so win a chance to take part in the Jackpot round. If they win the jackpot they will receive 50% of the jackpot amount. If they don’t win the jackpot but play in the 12 hours before the jackpot hits, they will win a share of 50% of the jackpot amount with other eligible players.

A customer uses 70 StarsCoin to buy-in to The Deal. They get Four of a Kind and so win $300.

Win Progressive Jackpot

Full Tilt Poker Review

Opened in 2004, Full Tilt Poker was the brainchild of Raymond Bitar, with the support of several professional poker players including Phil Ivey, Howard Lederer and Mike Matusow. Following a dispute with the US government which had banned online gambling, Full Tilt was re-launched with headquarters on the Isle of Man and Ireland and with a license to operate from Malta. Now owned by PokerStars, the world's largest online poker provider, Full Tilt have established themselves as the second biggest site worldwide, open to clients in most countries excluding the USA.

Now featuring exclusive play from some of the biggest names in poker, including Gus Hansen and Tom Dwan, Full Tilt run many different table types from Texas Holdem, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo, through to 5 and 7 Card Stud, Razz and the fast paced Rush tournaments. A huge number of tournaments, deposit match bonuses and a loyalty points scheme all combine to keep them at the top of the online poker world. It is an easy to use site, with a simple homepage that has links to everything needed to get started, with a download of the software possible in just a couple of clicks.


Players couldn't wish for a larger selection of tables than the one found at Full Tilt. All of the most popular types are of course, all present, but there are also some unusual versions that allow users to experience different styles without having to change tables. The less common tables include Razz, where the aim is to make the best five card low hand from seven cards, five variants of Draw poker, where competitors get the opportunity to replace any of their cards by drawing new cards from the deck, and Irish Poker, where four hole cards are dealt out instead of two pre-flop.

Mixed games are really something to be tried out and are a great way to experience several different versions of poker in one sitting. During a mixed game, the version played will change every 10 hands according to the type chosen. For example, HORSE features 10 hands of Holdem, followed by 10 of Omaha Hi/Lo, then Razz, then Stud Hi and lastly Stud Hi/Lo, while 10 Game, as the name suggests, has 10 versions all played in a set order including Limit Holdem, No-Limit 2-7 draw, Pot Limit Omaha Hi and Limit Badugi.

A seemingly limitless number of tournaments are provided, with customers able to filter out just the ones they are looking for via the lobby area. Buy-ins range from just $1 up to $25,000, although as some of the world's top poker professionals play at Full Tilt, some of the final tables can become extremely competitive. Many tournaments feature double or triple chance games, where customers receive tokens that can be used if they go bust early on, or to buy further chips if needed, while Multi-Entry tournaments allow customers to either play several seats in the same tournament or rejoin at a new table if they are eliminated at the early stages.

Steps tournaments give competitors the option of entering at the start for a low buy-in, or paying more to jump straight in at a higher level, and cashout tournaments allow contestants to withdraw some or all of their chips before the end. All of the different game and tournament types are explained in detail, with plenty of graphics to show visitors exactly how each one works and how to play it. Beginner tutorials take new users through the very basics of playing poker, from hand rankings, to the meaning of the rake, and include step by step guides to downloading the software, depositing funds and how to use the lobby area.

Tables are clearly laid out with many customisation options, smooth and fast gameplay and reliable software that is bespoke to Full Tilt. Special features include the option to play up to 18 tables at once, a 'time bank' for making decisions in, and avatars that can be fully personalised to suit each player. With 10,000s of people online at peak times, competition ranges from very soft at low limit tables, to extremely tough at the top levels.

Bonuses and Promotions

One of the things that attracts so many people to Full Tilt is the massive range of ongoing offers that start with a welcome bonus for new customers, which includes a deposit match deal and entry to free tournaments. As is normal with poker site welcome bonuses, the funds are credited to the players account in stages as they deposit further money into a Full Tilt account.

Full Tilt points are earnt based on the rake taken from each hand in a qualifying ring game, with the points divided up based on the amount contributed. Points are also accumulated when buying into a tournament and once enough have been earned, players can cash them in for further tournament tickets, entry to ring tables, or they can be used to get a range of additional bonuses. Although Full Tilt have their own store, it's a little misleading, as no merchandise is available, just table admission and bonuses. At any one time, there will be numerous extra promotions running, which will vary from week to week, but usually include guaranteed jackpot tournaments, tables that earn double or triple points, Happy Hours, and satellites to live events among others. Overall, it's a generous selection of bonuses and promotions, constantly updated and very varied in what is offered.


Although the range of accepted deposit and withdrawal options is not huge, it does at least cover the most popular credit and debit cards, e-wallets and prepaid voucher schemes, so most people should be able to use at least one system to pay money into a Full Tilt account. The biggest omission is Paypal. For each deposit method, there is a handy guide to make everything as easy as possible, while cashing money out is similarly easy. Although money is by default, returned to the same payment method last used to fund the account, players can arrange for withdrawals to be sent to a different card, e-wallet or bank if needed, depending on where they live.

Customer Support

The Help and Support Centre mostly offers answers to Frequently Asked Questions, although by digging around a little, it's possible to find an email address that can be used to contact them directly. There is no live chat or free phone option provided.


With such a huge range of games, thousands of players online at any time and decent bonuses and promotions, Full Tilt largely deserve to be one of the biggest names in the business. Since the acquisition by PokerStars, they have become one of the safest, most secure sites, with excellent software that gives players a stable, secure place to play, where their funds are safe and they can choose to play complete newcomers or the top professionals. A few more deposit options would be welcome, as would an improved customer support function, but overall, Full Tilt come highly recommended.