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300% up to £30
Plus £10 No Deposit
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Deposit £10 Get A £30 Bonus - Sign Up Bonus

Bingo Bonus Terms & Conditions
Expiry: 1 Month
Minimum Deposit: £10
Rollover Before Withdraw: 2x Bonus
Restrictions: New Players Only
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Sky Bingo Site Screenshots

Taken 24 July 2017 10:05.

The Loby Game Selection.

Deal Or No Deal Bingo.

Chat & Play Bingo Games For Prizes

Sky Bingo Chat and Play

Sky Bingo gives customers a range of chat games to play offering extra prizes. All chat games are hosted by Chat Hosts. The chat game schedule is as follows:

Sky Pennies24 hours
Sky Syndicates7pm-10pm (11pm weekends)
Sky 75 / Bingo 7512pm-12am
Sky 80 / Bingo 807pm-11pm
Sky Speed / Speed11am-12am
Deal or No Deal 90/7512pm-12am
Sky Newbies5pm-9pm
Sky Community10am-1am
  • All chat games will be paid as Bingo Bonus unless otherwise stated by Sky Bingo.
  • Chat game bonuses expire after 48 hours.
  • Chat game wins have no wagering requirements attached to them.
  • The Chat Host decision is final on all games.
  • The maximum chat games wins each day will be five.
  • Chat games will not be played on free bingo games.
  • Each chat game has its own rules. These can be found by following the link below.
Play Chat Games

£140 Power Lunch Hour

Sky Bingo Power Lunch

Sky Bingo customers can play Power Lunch between 12-1pm every day with over £140 in prizes and pre-buy available.

  • This promotion will run in Sky Speed every day from 12pm-1pm.
  • All tickets will be 2p.
  • All games will pay out as cash.
  • Changes or updates to this schedule event may happen without warning and will take immediate effect.
Play Power Lunch Bingo

Earn Gems For Sky Bingo Loyalty Rewards

Sky Bingo Loyalty Rewards

Sky Bingo customers can earn rewards through the Sky Bingo Loyalty Rewards scheme. Customers earn loyalty gems by playing games, and then trade these for cash or extra bonuses. As customers progress through the loyalty levels, their rewards get bigger.

  • All customers will earn 5 gems for every £1 they spend on Bingo.
  • All customers will earn 1 gem for every £1 they spend on Side Games.
  • There are six different types of loyalty gems. The levels are as follows:
Loyalty Gem LevelNumber of Gems RequiredNo. Gems to Maintain Your Level
  • Customers must maintain the required amount of gems to remain at a loyalty level or progress to the next level in any calendar month. If they earn enough loyalty gems to progress to the next level, they will go up immediately.
  • The higher the loyalty level, the fewer gems a customer needs to convert them into cash. The following table shows how many loyalty points a customer needs to convert for each bonus:
Level£1 Bingo Bonus£1 All Slot Bonus£1 Cash
  • As part of the loyalty scheme, customers can enter the extra bingo rooms – the Loyalty Rooms - which offer a number of rewards.
  • Depending on which loyalty level a customer as it determines which loyalty room they can enter.
  • Winnings paid out as a Bingo bonuses and cash are dependent on a customer’s loyalty level.
  • Loyalty gems expire after 90 days.


To reach Opal level within the loyalty reward scheme, a customer must earn 450 loyalty gems. To do this they would have spent £90 on either Bingo or Side Games, as each £1 spent on Bingo or Side Games earns 5 loyalty gems. The customer could then cash in 250 gems and receive a £1 Bingo Bonus. The customer would not have enough gems to get a £1 All Slots Bonus or a £1 cash bonus.

If the customer had reached Sapphire Level with 1200 loyalty gems, they would have spent at least £240 in a calendar month. They could then cash in 150 gems for a £1 Bingo Bonus, 250 gems for a £1 All Slot Bonus, or 500 gems for a £1 cash bonus.

Earn Loyalty Gems

£300k Anytime Giveaway

Sky Bingo Anytime Giveaway

Sky Bingo customers can play Anytime Bingo from midnight to midday for a guaranteed prize pot of £300,000 a week.

Tickets start at just 1p and will cost no more than 20p.

  • This promotion runs from Monday 3rd July – Monday 27th August 2017.
  • This promotion runs from midday until midnight every day between the above dates.
  • This promotion will run Anytime Bingo room only.
  • All Sky Betting and Gaming General Terms and Conditions apply, these can be viewed here.
  • Sky Bingo have the sole right, at their discretion, to alter, amend or terminate this promotion at short notice and without notification.
Play Anytime Bingo

Win Share of £1,500 Super Prize Bingo

Sky Bingo £1.5K Super Prize Bingo

Sky Bingo customers can win a share of £1,500 in cash every day when they play Super Prize Bingo in the Sky Pennies room from 1.30pm.

  • Tickets start at 1p. The maximum ticket price is 10p.
  • Pre-buy is available.
  • The schedule and prize money is shown in the table below:
TimePrize MoneyTicket Prices
13:30:00Up to £1001p / 5p / 10p
14:10:00Up to £1001p / 5p / 10p
14:40:00Up to £1001p / 5p / 10p
15:10:00Up to £1001p / 5p / 10p
15:40:00Up to £1001p / 5p / 10p
16:10:00Up to £1001p / 5p / 10p
16:40:00Up to £1001p / 5p / 10p
17:30:00Up to £1001p / 5p / 10p
22:00:00Up to £5002p / 6p / 10p
  • All games will pay out as cash.
Win Super Prize Bingo

Facebook Frenzy - Like Post & Win Prize

Sky Bingo Facebook Frenzy

Every Wednesday, Sky Bingo customers have the chance to win one of 10 Bingo prizes worth £25.

  • For a chance to win, customers must like the Winners Wednesday post on the Sky Bingo Facebook page and comment with their Bingo chat name (not login ID) and #WinnersWednesday.
  • 10 winners will then be selected and awarded the next day.
  • Any Bingo Bonus won from this promotion will expire after seven days.
  • To be eligible to win, customers must have deposited at Sky Bingo within the last 14 days.
  • If the chat name is incorrect, the Bingo bonus will be awarded to someone else.
  • Bingo Bonuses can only be used to purchase Bingo tickets. They are not valid on any Sky Bingo slot, table, scratchcard, or any Sky Vegas games.
Like Post & Win £25

Tipping Point Bingo - Win Share of £8K

Sky Bingo Tipping Point

Tipping Point Bingo from Sky Bingo is a new 40 ball bingo game based on the ITV show Tipping Point. Customers won’t know the number of the next ball call until it drops off the shelf and falls into its dedicated dropzone.

  • Each customer can buy a maximum of 30 tickets per game.
  • Tickets cost between 10p and 25p for each game.
  • There’s £8,000 to be won every day with cash prizes guaranteed.
  • The game has an ever-increasing jackpot that can drop anytime on a ball count of 12 – jackpot guaranteed.
  • Customers can win the jackpot by getting all 8 numbers marked off within 12 calls (this can be changed at any time without warning or notice).
  • Feature hours to enhance the excitement are listed below:
TimeFeatureTicket PricePaid As
8pm-9pmFree BingoFreeBingo Bonus
8pm-9pm£70 Guaranteed Games10pCash
9pm-10pmGuaranteed £50 Games10pCash
10pm-11pm1TG with 20p bonus prize10pCash
  • The jackpot is a community jackpot which means the jackpot winner will get 50% of the prize and everyone else in the game will share the other 50% of the prize.
  • There will be To Go Bingo and BOGOF features available on selected days and at selected times.

Free Tipping Point Bingo

Customers can play free games for a share of £1,000 every day with Free Tipping Point Bingo, from 8pm to 9pm.

  • There are 10 games to play every day from 8pm to 9pm.
  • Each free game will have prizes up to the value of £100 and will be paid as a bingo bonus.
  • The bingo bonus can only be used on Sky Bingo.
  • There is a 1X wagering requirement on the bonus amount, meaning the customer must turn over the bonus amount once before the bonus and winnings become withdrawable.


A customer plays one of the free Tipping Point Bingo games between 8p and 9p and wins a £5 bingo bonus. They must play through this bonus once on bingo games before they can withdraw it or any winnings from it.

Win Zone

On Tuesdays & Saturdays from 9-11pm customers can play in Tipping Point Bingo where every game will feature the community jackpot. Find out how much will be won when the button is pressed and the counters drop. There is a guaranteed £5,000 in cash to be won each Win Zone night.

  • Tipping Point Bingo room.
  • 9pm-11pm.
  • Tuesday & Saturday each week.
  • All games between the specified hours will play Win Zone feature.
  • Each counter is worth £10 CASH each.
  • Jackpot counter is worth £1,000 cash.
  • For both the normal counters and jackpot counter, 50% of the drop will go to the winner(s) of the full house and 50% will be shared with the community and will be shared dependant on how many tickets are purchased by each player.

Drop Zone

In July and August customers can play Drop Zone every Friday night between 9-10pm.

Drop Zone Game Details:

Every Friday in July & August.

£2,500 in prizes each week.

Selected games between 9pm-10pm in Tipping Point Bingo.

Tickets will be 20p each with a maximum of 30.

  • This promotion will run on: Friday 7th July, Friday 14th July, Friday 21st July, Friday 28th July, Friday 4th August, Friday 11th August, Friday 18th August, Friday 25th August.
  • This promotion is open to new and existing customer of Sky Bingo.
  • This promotion will run in Tipping Point Bingo room only between the hours of 9pm-10pm on selected days.
  • The Drop zone games will be played at randomly selected times between the hours of 9pm-10pm on selected days.
  • All Drop zone game ticket prices will be 20p.
  • There will be no more than 30 tickets per customer available on Drop Zone games.
  • The Drop zone element will be a surprise feature, which will be a reveal mechanic on the Drop Zone promotion page.
  • The Drop Zone element will be only revealed on Drop Zone days.
  • Technology, shopping vouchers and holiday vouchers will be sent to you within 28 days of details been confirmed by the winners.
  • All Winners for technology, shopping vouchers and holiday vouchers will be contacted within 7 working days of winning to confirm all details.
  • Cash alternatives for technology, shopping vouchers and holiday vouchers is not available, which will mean winners will have to accept or forfeit the prize.
Play Tipping Point Bingo

£10 Free Bingo Bonus

Sky Bingo Bonus

Sky Bingo customers can opt in to get £10 Bingo Bonuses dropped into their account. Bonuses are added as £1 a day over 10 days.

  • Enter code 10FREE to claim your £1 Bingo Bonus instantly.
  • £1 will be credited to your account each day after 5pm for the next 9 days.
  • You will be notified each day, either by email or text message so make sure your personal details are up to date – don’t forget to make sure you are opted into marketing so you receive the notifications.

Bonuses expire after 24 hours – make sure you don’t miss it!

Promotion Terms and Conditions

  • This promotion will be available from Friday 30th June 00:00:00 – Monday 31st July 2017 23:59:59.
  • The last date of which the promotion code can be entered is Monday 31st July 2017.
  • This promotion is open to all new and existing customers.
  • The total amount a single customer will receive in Bingo bonuses is £10.00.
  • Promotion code 10FREE must be entered in Bonus Code via the mobile app, desktop or tablet to be able to qualify for this promotion.
  • The promotion can only be entered once in the promotion period per customer.
  • All bonuses will expire within 24 hours of begin credited.
  • Any unspent bonuses will be retrieved within 24 hours of begin credited.
  • Bonuses will be automatically credited upon first registering the promotion code.
  • All other bonuses will be credited to accounts each day by 5pm across the next 9 days after entering the promotion code.
  • Bonuses will be available to spend on Bingo tickets only.
Get Your Bingo Bonus

Rise and Shine 1p Tickets

Sky Bingo Rise and Shine

Sky Bingo customers can play in Sky Pennies from 6-8am every day for the Rise and Shine session with tickets at only a penny each.

There are cash prizes worth over £150 and pre-buy is available.

  • Terms and Conditions.
  • This promotion will run in Sky Pennies every day from 6am-8am.
  • All tickets will be 1p.
  • All games will pay out as cash.
  • Changes or updates to this schedule event may happen without warning and will take immediate effect.
Play Rise and Shine Bingo

Sky Bingo Schedule - Daily Specials

Sky Bingo Mystical Mondays

Sky Bingo customers can get special offers and deals every day.

Mystical Monday

Sky Bingo offers customers more prizes and To Go Bingo, with pre buy available, on every game in Mystical on Mondays. The game is a woodland themed 50 ball bingo game.

  • The offer runs from 10am-12am every Monday.
  • Maximum of one ticket per player is permitted, with a choice of four ticket prices.
  • Ticket prices are 25p, 50p, £1 and £2.
  • Each ticket price has a unique insect themed character and background during the game.
  • House prizes up to £100 and a progressive community jackpot with 50% going to the winner and 50% going to the community.
  • This game can only be played at Sky Bingo.
  • The To Go feature will be paid into a customer’s Bingo Bonus Balance.
  • All To Go games will either be a 1TG, 2TG or 1&2TG.
  • Customers can play on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Half Price Tickets

Every Wednesday Sky Bingo customers can get half price tickets from 6-8pm every Wednesday. There is a maximum of 12 tickets per game and £500 cash to win.

  • Days: Wednesday.
  • Time: 6pm-8pm.
  • Prize Money: £500 each Wednesday.
  • Guaranteed Winners: 132 across the two hours.
  • Maximum Tickets: 12 per player, per game.
  • Ticket Prices: 5p.
  • Pre-buy Available: Yes.

8OGOF Bingo

On Thursdays between 7-11pm head to Sky 80 for BOGOF Bingo.

  • Time: 7pm-11pm.
  • Prize Money: Over £400 in cash to be won.
  • Guaranteed Winners: 240 each day.
  • Maximum Tickets: 30 per player, per game.
  • Ticket Prices: 1p, 2p & 5p.
  • Pre-buy Available: Yes.
  • Game Frequency: Games every 4 minutes.

£2,000 Escalator Jackpot

Each Sunday in Sky Speed customers can play for an escalator jackpot starting at a guaranteed £2000.

  • Time: Starts at 6pm and will continue until the Jackpot has been won.
  • Escalator Jackpot Start Ball Call: 32.
  • Ball Call Increment: 2.
  • Ball Call Frequency: Every hour, on the hour.
  • Jackpot information: Community Jackpot, 50% to the winner and 50% to the community (the community jackpot will pay out dependant on how many tickets are purchased).

Game Details:

  • Prize Money: £2,000 to be won from 6pm-midnight (not including the Jackpot).
  • Guaranteed Winners: 72 per hour.
  • Maximum Tickets: 120 per player, per game.
  • Ticket Prices: 1p, 2p & 5p.
  • Pre-buy Available: Yes.
  • Game Frequency: Games every 3 minutes.
TimeBall Call Increment
Play Bingo

Sky Bingo Review

The Sky brand should need no introduction to readers from the British Isles, as the company dominate the satellite broadcasting market, and much of the media. In recent years, they have branched out into the online betting market, with Sky Bet, the Sky Vegas casino, poker and now a bingo site. Anyone signed up to one of these can access all of the different areas using one account, making Sky the only place they need to go to find a whole range of games, sports betting opportunities, bonuses and promotions.

Sky Bingo runs on the massive Virtue Fusion network where there can be thousands of players online at any time with a correspondingly huge number of games running in a packed schedule. As well as bingo, there are plenty of slots and casino tables, while customers can play more for less outlay by claiming new player bonuses, loyalty points, taking part in free bingo, getting cashback deals and more.

The homepage is very neatly designed, if a little sparse, with a bright purple background and links to the promotions page, bingo schedule and the registration page. Everything is logically laid out to make signing up as easy as possible, with customer support contact details to hand if any assistance is needed.


A full range of 90, 80 and 75 ball bingo games are available to play at Sky Bingo in lots of different rooms, some of which are shared with the rest of the Virtue Fusion network and others, like the Sky Pennies, Value and Premium rooms, that are unique to this site. These rooms tend to be quieter, giving players a break from the hectic action of the busy networked rooms.

Choosing where to play is an easy process, with the lobby area letting visitors select the game type where they will then see when the next round starts, how many players are in the room, prizes and ticket prices. Anyone who has played at a Virtue Fusion site before will recognise the layout of the bingo games, with a chat screen to the left, tickets to the right, and the call board and links to casino pages displayed above.

Like other sites in the network, Sky Bingo features a couple of special games including Lucky Numbers, where players choose three random numbers before the game and win jackpot prizes if they are the numbers that create the 1 line, 2 line or Full House wins. Deal or No Deal bingo has a great bonus round at the end of each game, where the full house winner has to decide whether to keep their prize or accept the Banker's offer while the other players from the game get to vote on what they believe the winner should do. There are lots of free bingo games with a minimum of 2 per hour from 9am to 11pm. During any free game, competitors can opt to make their tickets 'Super' by paying a small fee and, should the Super ticket then win, the prize gets tripled in value. Regular prizes range from £5 to around £20 during peak hours.

As well as bingo, Sky host a good selection of slots, casino games, scratchcards and instant win titles. Apart from the classic Roulette and Blackjack, there are lots of top rated slots including X-Factor, A Night Out, Britain's' Got Talent and Zodiac Supernova. Cleopatra's Chest, Pirate Plunder and Lucky Ladies all have progressive jackpots that can exceed £1,000,000, while Mega Jackpots Cleopatra and Monopoly have progressive jackpots that start at £1.5million and go up from there until they are won.

A new bingo app is available to download onto iPhones, iPads and Android devices, with several bingo rooms and the most favoured slots to choose from, and mobile users can even take part in chat games, deposit funds and earn loyalty points when they are out and about.

Bonuses and Promotions

New customers to Sky Bingo will be able to claim a welcome bonus once they have deposited funds into their account. The actual terms of this will be amended occasionally, but it is usually comparable to the offers that other sites have so it's about average. Once registered, there is a Newbies room which offers 5 days worth of free bingo with £500 a day up for grabs.

Regular players earn Loyalty Gems at a starting rate of 5 Gems for every £1 spent on bingo or £5 wagered on slots. All customers start at the Pearl level and the more Gems accumulated, the higher up the loyalty club they rise, with an improved conversion rate at each stage. Points can be redeemed either for cash, or bonuses, although there is a far better conversion rate if the player opts to take a bonus instead of cashing points out. There are further benefits through the loyalty scheme, such as the cashback deal each Wednesday which can be from 10-25% depending on the level, and Triple Gems Thursday where all players get Gems at 3x the normal rate.

Anyone spending £2 during the day gets a free scratchcard to play with a £500 daily jackpot to be won, while other offers include guaranteed jackpots and happy hours with BOGOF deals. The list is constantly updated, but generally Sky Bingo has an excellent selection of promotions for loyal players. It is just missing a re-deposit bonus offer.


Customers can use credit cards, debit cards and e-wallets to pay funds into their Sky Bingo accounts, but prepaid cards and vouchers are not accepted. The minimum deposit amount is set at £5 and there is a useful banking guide on their site which runs through the process step by step. Withdrawn money is sent back to whichever card or e-wallet the deposits were made from but, before receiving their first cash back, customers will need to verify their identity as part of Sky's security measures. If an e-wallet was used, money should be back with the player within one working day, but credit and debit card payments will take 3-5 working days to clear.


Sky Bingo is a popular site run by a well known and trusted company. Many players here already used their sportsbook, poker and casino, making the bingo site a logical choice, and it is very useful to have just one account for all online wagering. By using a big network, Sky are able to provide their customers with big and busy games, but have wisely decided to run their own unique rooms as well. While the welcome bonus is about average, the Gems loyalty scheme has an excellent range of benefits that keep people wanting to come back time and time again.

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Bring the excitement of Las Vegas into your living room.

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Comprehensive premiership and champions league football markets alongside competitive racing odds.

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Simple, clear website with easy registration and top offers.