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Texas Holdem In-Play.

The Table Selection Page.

€28000 Wild Summer Freerolls

Coral Poker Wild Summer

Coral Poker customers can enter a €500 Daily Freeroll and win up to €5 per day in Daily Missions.opt-in and complete the daily mission to receive a daily freeroll entry ticket. There are 56 daily €500 all-in freerolls giving Wild Twister entry tickets. To receive a Wild Twister entry ticket players must opt-in and complete the Wild Summer mission.

Daily Missions

00:00 – 23:59 (UK time), 3rd July – 27th August, 2017 except 27th August when they end at 19:59.

Play 1 Twister (€1 buy in minimum) or 1 MTT (€1 buy in minimum) or 50 Cash Game hands.

  • Win 1x entry ticket to the daily €500 Wild Summer all-in freeroll.
  • Max. 1 ticket per day per player for completing this mission.
  • Cash game missions can be completed on the following tables: No Limit Texas Hold'em. Heads up tables are excluded.

Wild Summer Missions

00:00 – 19:59 (UK time), 3rd July – 27th August, 2017

  • Generate €5 Rake & Fee (a combination of €5 in Rake and / or Fee).
  • Win 1x "€0.50 Wild Summer" ticket to be used to enter any €0.50 Wild Twister tournament. Max. 10 tickets per player per day for completing this mission.

Daily Freerolls

  • Daily €500 all-in Shootout freeroll.
  • Single entry.
  • The player needs to register but does not have to play the All-in Freeroll.
StartEndOccurrenceTime GMTTime UKTournament NamePrize PoolPrize FormatLobby VisibilityTournament Registration
03-Jul-1727-Aug-17Daily (Mon - Sun)19:0020:00€500 Wild Summer€500Wild Twister tickets24h prior24h prior
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Payday Payback Instant Bonus & Win €4K

Coral Poker Payday Payback €4,000

The Payday Payback promotion from Coral Poker allows customers to earn an instant bonus with every deposit they make between the 25th and the end of the month.

There are three bonuses to earn:

Payday Payback One:

Deposit £20 to £50 between the 25th and the last day of the month and earn at least one Poker Point.

Customers will be instantly credited with one x €2 Twister Token and one Daily Mission Tournament Token giving the chance to play for a €1,000 jackpot.

Payday Payback Two:

Deposit £50 to £200 between the 25th and the last day of the month and earn at least one Poker Point.

Customers will be instantly credited with two x €5 Twister Tokens giving customers the chance to play for €2,000 jackpot.

Customers can also take advantage of the double jackpot weekends and win as much as €4,000 from a single deposit.

Payday Payback Three:

Deposit more than £200 between the 25th and the last day of the month and earn 200 Poker Points.

Customers will be credited with a €20 Tournament Token. This could be used to buy into Coral Poker’s Super Sunday Line-up of tournaments with a guaranteed €250,000 in prizes to win.


A customer deposits £60 into their Coral Poker account on 26th of the month. They will earn at least one Poker Point and be credited with two x €5 Twister Tokens, giving them a chance to play for €2,000. They can also take part in the double jackpots weekend with the change to win up to €4,000.

If a customer deposits less the £20 between the 25th and last day of the month, they will not receive any bonus, as they will not have fulfilled the minimum deposit requirement of £20.

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£2200 Daily & Weekly Freeroll Missions

Coral Poker Daily & Weekly Freerolls

Coral Poker are now running one Daily Mission Freeroll with a £100 guaranteed prize pool every evening at 19:30 GMT. The top ten players in each freeroll will book their seat in the £1500 Guaranteed Weekly Mission Freeroll which will take place every Sunday at 19:30 GMT.

  • Daily and Weekly Mission Tokens are non-refundable, non-transferrable and cannot be converted to cash or any other type of bonus.
  • The Weekly Mission qualifying period is Sunday to Saturday. Weekly Mission Freeroll tokens won on a Sunday will be available to use for the following Sunday's or future Weekly Mission Freerolls.
  • Cash Prizes and Weekly Mission Freeroll tokens will be awarded to top ten players in Daily Mission Freerolls.
  • Cash Prizes in Weekly Mission freerolls will be awarded to top 20 players.
  • Only one entry per player is permitted in both Daily and Weekly Mission Freerolls. Players can carry forward tokens won in Daily Mission Freerolls to future Weekly Mission Freerolls if they win more than one Weekly Mission token per week.
  • The maximum required players in Weekly Mission Freerolls and Daily Mission Freerolls is 1500.
  • The minimum required players for Daily Mission Freerolls and Weekly Mission Freerolls to to start is 9.
  • Starting chips is 1500.


A customer takes part in a Daily Mission Freeroll with a £100 guaranteed prize pool and comes in one of the top ten places. They then get a seat in the £1500 Guranteed Weekly Mission Freeroll for the next Sunday, or future Sundays, at 19:30 GMT.

Enter Mission Freerolls

Exclusive Twister Race Poker

Coral Poker Twister Race

Coral Poker customers can take part in weekly exlusive Twister Races. Coral pay double on Network main race and run their own Exclusive Mini and Micro Races.Weekly Races run from Monday 00:00 GMT to Sunday 23:59 GMT. Network payments will be made by 13:00 Monday.

  • Twister promo will run until further notice.
  • Only €5 €10 €20 €50 twisters will be counted towards the network races.
  • Only 1/2 and 5/10 games count towards exclusive races.
  • Tokens are non-refundable, non-transferrable and cannot be converted to cash.
  • Any prize won on network race will be doubled.
  • Players are entitled to play multiple stakes and win multiple leaderboards.
  • Double points will only be paid on winning twister games.
  • Race runs weekly from Monday to Sunday.
  • Credits will be made to accounts 48/72 business hours after race week has finished.
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Half Time Hold'em Poker Win Prizes & Bet

Coral Poker Half Time Hold'em

The Half Time Hold’em Speed Poker promotion is available throughout the 2016/2017 Premier League Football Season, every Sunday during half time of the game. It is a fast paced tournament with a £50 prize pool and 25 x £5 free sportsbook bets for the top 25 places.

  • Registration opens at 4.30pm and kick-off is at 4.45pm.
  • Entry is free.
  • The promotion is limited to a maximum of 500 entries.
  • The top 25 players will each receive a £5 free sportsbook bet.
  • Free bets cannot be exchanged for any other bonuses and will be awarded by 12 noon each Monday.
Play Half Time Poker

Poker Loyalty Scheme 30% Rakeback

Coral Poker Loyalty Scheme

With the Coral Poker Loyalty Scheme, customers can change their points for rakeback up to 30% directly from the poker client when needed.

There are six VIP reward levels, and a customer’s reward level will be updated on a daily basis depending on play in a calendar month, and the amount of points earnt.

Reward levels:

Reward Level123456
Points required (Calendar month)01505002,5005,000

Points cash in rates:

VIP LevelPoints Per €Rakeback %

Higher VIP levels mean bigger freerolls:

  • VIP 2 or above - £25 freeroll tournament every Tuesday evening.
  • VIP 4 or above - £100 freeroll tournament every Wednesday.
  • VIP 6 - £375 freeroll tournament every Thursday.

Points are earned at the following rate: $1 rake = 10 points, £1 = 17.8, €1 = 12.8

Key terms and conditions:

  • Points cash-ins are done on an ‘all or nothing' basis, with a minimum unit payout of €1.
  • The redemption rate varies dependent on the customer’s VIP level.
  • Any points remaining worth less than €1 will be left in a customer’s account and will count towards their next cash-in.
  • Points not used after six months will be automatically removed.
  • At real cash tables, Points are awarded to players for each hand in which they contribute money to the pot. Points are not awarded if a hand is not raked. Points are also awarded based on the fees paid by the player when buying-in to a real cash tournament.
  • Freerolls or other free entry/token entry to tournaments does not count towards points.


A customer at VIP level 3 would need to earn 50 points in a month to be at this level. If they had 100 points in their account they could cash these in a rate of 60 points per euro and would receive €1 in cash. The remaining points worth less than one euro would remain in their account and count towards their next cash in.

A customer at VIP level 6 would need to earn 5,000 points in calendar month to be at this level. They could cash in these points at a rate of 42 per euro. If they cashed in 5,000 points they would receive €119, and remaining points worth less than one euro would count towards their next cash in.

Earn Loyalty Points

Coral Poker Football Predictor Win €50

Coral Poker Predictor

The Football Predictor promotion gives Coral Poker customers the chance to win a share of a guaranteed £200 prize pool, if they correctly select three winners from selected football fixtures stated on the Coral Poker website.

  • If a customer correctly selects three winners they will receive a poker ticket to enter the Predictor Poker Tournament, which will take place every Friday at 20:00, with a Guaranteed Prizepool of £200.00.
  • The promotion is free to enter.
  • If premiership games are not available, Coral Poker will choose selections from around the world.
  • Free tokens as part of the prize will expire within seven days of issue.
  • Customers must have a Poker nickname to receive prizes.
  • The Predictor Tournament needs a minimum of five players to start.
  • In the unlikely event of only four winners each player will receive £50 in prizes.


A customer correctly selects three winners from stated fixtures. They then receive a poker ticket to enter the Predictor Poker Tournament at 20:00 on Friday.

Predict and WIn

Weekly £10 Free Bet Freeroll

Coral Poker Free Bet Freeroll

Coral Poker customers can take part in a weekly free bet freeroll every Thursday at 9pm. Finish in the top 200 players to earn a free bet of £10.

  • Tournament is open to UK and Ireland residents only.
  • The free bets will be credited within 24 hours.
  • Free Bets cannot be used to place bets on games, lotteries or casino.
  • Free Bets must be used in their entirety, ie. they can only be used to place one bet rather than several smaller bets.
  • Any bets placed with a free bet token do not have the stake returned as part of any bet winnings.
  • Freebets cannot be exchanged for cash or any other awards if players are unable to place bets if betting restrictions have been imposed on a players account.
Win Free Bets

€50,000 Wild Twister Sit N Go Poker

Coral Poker Wild Twister

Coral Poker customers can play Wild Twister from just € 0.50. Wild Twister is a faster version of the standard Twister tournament which is all-in on every hand.Instead of cash prizes, Wild Twister will pay out token prizes for regular Twister games (from €1 to €50. Each "Wild Twister" cycle consists of 250,000 games.

100€ 50.0050€ 2,500
40€ 20.00450€ 9,000
20€ 10.001,000€ 10,000
10€ 5.0010,000€ 50,000
4€ 2.0042,500€ 85,000
2€ 1.00196,000€ 196,000
  • "Wild twister" tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be converted to cash.
  • Wild Twister is only available on version 16.11 or newer.
  • Wild Twister is all in play every hand.
  • Buy in €0.50 and no cash prizes awarded, winnings will be awarded in poker tokens for regular twister games ranging from €1 to €50.
Play Wild Twister

Poker £1000 Reload Top Up Bonus Balance

Coral Poker £1000 Reload

Coral Poker customers can top up their bonus balance to £1000 each month when they log in within the first five days of the month. Once logged in, the bonus balance will then auto top up to £1000.

  • No deposit is required.
  • One reload per customer, per month is allowed and the maximum reload is £1000.
  • The £1000 can be redeemed at a rate of 10 per 1500 VIP level points accumulated.


If a customer logs into Coral Poker online on the 2nd December, their bonus balance will automatically be topped up to £1000 if it is below this amount.

If they logged in on 8th December, and their bonus balance was below £1000, they will not receive a top up.

If they already have £1000 or more in their bonus balance they will not receive a top up.

Get Bonus Top Up

£100 Login Lottery Tournament Token

Coral Poker £100 Login Lottery

For every day that Coral Poker customers log into their accounts, they will be credited with a daily £100 "All-In" tournament token, where £100 can be won at the Login Lottery Tournament. The tournament will be held at 9.00pm daily.

  • Tokens will be credited immediately, and cannot be converted to cash.
  • Tokens will expire within seven days of issue.
  • All tokens can be found in the ‘My account’ section of the download client.
Get Login Lottery Token

Play Poker Daily Challenges & Win Prizes

Coral Poker Daily Challenges

Coral Poker customers can play in the £100 GTD Daily Mission Tournament at 19:30 daily and the £1500 GTD Weekly Mission Tournament 19:30 every Sunday, and win Twister tokens.

Customers must complete the following daily challenges to earn the rewards:

Monday99 Red BalloonsPokerWin with Pocket 9's on NLH Cash table 0.01/0.02 and above (speed and HU excluded)and get 1 x daily Mission Token
TuesdayJust the two of usPokerWin with Pocket 2's on NLH 0.01/0.02 and above Cash table (speed and HU excluded) and get 1 x Daily Mission Ticket
WednesdayEight days a weekPokerWin with Pocket 8's on NLH 0.01/0.02 and above Cash Table (speed and HU excluded) and get 1 x Daily Mission Ticket
ThursdayRoute 66PokerWin with Pocket 6's on NLH 0.01/0.02 and above Cash Table (speed and HU excluded) and get 1 x Daily Mission Ticket
Friday to SundaySlots of LuckSidegamesWager £500 on Poker Slots and get a €10 General Token Free & Daily Mission Token Monday
Friday to SundayHigh RollerSidegamesWager £2000 on Poker Slots and get a €50 General Token Free & Daily Mission Token Monday
  • Tokens are non refundable and cannot be converted to cash.
  • Tokens awarded for Weekend challenges will be awarded by Monday 17:00.
  • Daily Mission Tokens can be used for £100 GTD Daily Mission Freeroll which will take place Daily at 19:30.
  • Tokens will expire within seven days of issue.
  • Sidegames stakes made in other currencies will be calculated and converted at the daily conversion rate to ensure the Euro stake requirement has been met.


If a customer takes part in the Monday 99 Red Balloons Poker Challenge and wins with Pocket 9's on NLH Cash table 0.01/0.02 and above (speed and HU excluded), they will get 1 x daily Mission Token.

If a customer takes part in the Slots of Luck sidegames challenge between Friday and Sunday, and wagers £500 on poker slots, they will then receive a €10 general token, which must be used within seven days, and a Daily Mission Token for Monday.

Play Poker Challenges

Coral Poker Review

Since switching to the iPoker network in October 2012, Coral have become one of the top five poker sites in the UK, doubling their traffic and being promoted to the top tier of iPoker which allows customers to play against the traffic from other major operators. Coral are a well known brand who have had a presence on the British high street since the 1920s and online since 1999 where they now have a major site covering sports betting, casino, bingo and games as well as poker.

Coral Poker offer their players a wide range of games that use quality software, at buy-ins to suit any budget, some generous bonus offers for both new and returning clients, and the security of knowing that they are playing at a trustworthy site with an excellent reputation.

The homepage highlights their current welcome offers, the latest promotions, and has quick links to the Poker School, with buttons along the top to download the software and view the complete range of deals available.


All of the popular poker variants are here such as:

  • Holdem
  • Omaha
  • Omaha Hi/Lo
  • Razz
  • 5 Card
  • 7 Card Stud

The poker lobby makes it easy to find a table at the required price, while there are always lots of scheduled and Sit n' Go tournaments including freerolls and satellites.

Customers can use the navigation panel to find exactly the table they want, with a statistics display showing average pot, number of players, flop %, stakes and hands per hour. There is a 'favourites' option that can help returning players find their preferred games in just a couple of clicks. Once seated at a table, the graphics are smooth and stable, play is set at a good speed and it is easy to customise the information shown to include chat, history, player notes and more. A useful timer bar sets the speed of play, slowly turning to red as the time to make decisions runs out. There are a couple of side games such as blackjack and baccarat which can be played during the main poker game.

Bonuses and Promotions

New customers can claim a range of sign up bonuses designed to ease the joining and learning process. The details can change from time to time, but recent offers include cash and tokens for playing games and entering tournaments as soon as a first deposit is made, plus a deposit match bonus paid out in increments when a set number of Loyalty Points have been earned.

These points are accumulated at a starting rate of 10 for each $1 in rake generated or tournament fees paid. The VIP loyalty scheme has 10 levels, with the number of points earnt determining which level each player is at. Going up a level earns a bonus and entry to freeroll tournaments. Although Coral like to think that their loyalty scheme is very simple, it can at first appear a bit daunting, as the levels feature different rewards and bonuses at each one. Shop Points are also earned at the same rate, and these can be spent in Corals' innovative Poker Shop which is stocked with items from designer gear to sandwich toasters, tablet computers to luxury car hire.

There are always a good selection of limited time promotions; typical examples include cash prizes for the most consistent players, side games freerolls, low buy-in speed tournaments and guaranteed prize tournaments with $10,000s or even £100,000s to be won.


It is quick, easy and above all secure to make a deposit at Coral Poker, with the minimum amount set at a very low £5 whichever depositing method is chosen. Clients can fund their accounts using credit and debit cards, money transfer services or e-wallets, although there are fewer methods to deposit from abroad as Coral are very much a UK focused site.

By using Secure Socket Layer systems, the details of every transaction are encoded to prevent interception, while a further security measure is that before making a first withdrawal, players must verify their cards, although this only needs to be done once.

Withdrawals will be credited back to whichever card or method that was used to make the deposit, and there is a very low minimum withdrawal amount of £1, although practically speaking, the payment processor could charge more than that, so it wouldn't be worth doing.


Coral Poker have made a wise move in choosing the adopt the iPoker network. There are tens of thousands of players online at peak times allowing them to offer a huge range of cash games and tournaments at many prices. Bonuses are both varied and generous, although the VIP scheme can be a little confusing to understand at first. As with many poker sites introduced by high street bookies, there are lots of inexperienced players at many tables, making Coral a good place for anyone looking for loose play and the opportunity to make some easy cash. Anyone registered at the poker site can use the same account details and funds to bet on sports or play casino and bingo games.

Sign Up Bonus Categories

Coral Casino

All the classics in addition to the latest online games.

Coral Free Bet

A reputable, very competitive sports book.

Coral Bingo

Prizes, friendly players and some of the best offers.