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Small Stacks For Fast Five Cash Games

Party Poker Fast Five Cash Games

The Fast Five promotion from Party Poker gives customers the chance to buy in for five big blinds, instead of sitting down with 30-100 big blinds like in normal cash games. The advantage of playing with small stacks is that action happens at a very fast pace, and customers can double up within seconds of taking their seat.

  • All Fast Five cash game tables are No Limit Hold’em 6-max.
  • Buy-ins are as follows:
  • The tiny buy-in means everyone can afford to play.
  • Fixed buy-in keeps the game fast and fair.
  • There is no limit to what players can win. Players can double and treble up in a few hands.
  • As Fast Five tables are cash games, players can stand up, sit down, or sit out whenever they want to.
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Win Big with Progressive KO Tournaments

Party Poker Progressive KO Tournaments

Party Poker’s Progressive Knockout tournaments give customers the opportunity to win big prize money at any moment. For every player a customer eliminates, they’ll win a cash prize plus their own bounty will increase.

  • Progressive KOs are currently only running on desktop but will be available on mobile soon.
  • The Monday to Saturday schedule below shows the progressive bounty a player will earn for each successful elimination:
Time (CET)Tournament NameStarting BountyProgressive BountyTotal Buy-in
21:00$1,000 Gtd - Progressive KO: Featherweight$2.50$1.25$5.50
21:00$2,500 Gtd - Progressive KO: Middleweight$10$5$22
21:00$10,000 Gtd - Progressive KO: Heavyweight$50$25$109
  • The Sunday schedule is as follows:
Time (CET)Tournament NameStarting BountyProgressive BountyTotal Buy-in
21:00$2,000 Gtd - Progressive KO: Featherweight$2.50$1.25$5.50
21:00$3,000 Gtd - Progressive KO: Middleweight$10$5$22
21:00$15,000 Gtd - Progressive KO: Heavyweight$50$25$109
  • Players will receive the bounties they have won as soon as they knock a player out. The bounty will be credited the accounts in cash.
  • As well as winnings from knocking other players out, players will also win prize money.
  • Full details of how the progressive knockouts work can be found in the terms and conditions.


Progressive Knockout tournaments work differently to regular knockout tournaments where players have a fixed bounty on their heads, and whoever knocks them out gets the cash bounty.

In the Progressive Knockout, if a player knocks another player out, instead of receiving the full bounty, the winning player will receive some of the bounty in cash and the rest is added to their own bounty. If the bounty is split 50/50 between a cash reward and being added to a progressive bounty, and two players each with a bounty of $5 come head to head and one is eliminated, the winning player will receive $2.50 in cash and have $2.50 added to their own bounty, making $7.50.

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The Title Fight - Win Share of $300K

Party Poker The Title Fight

The Title Fight from Party Poker has $300,000 guaranteed and takes place every Sunday at 19:00 BST.

  • Buy-in is $215.
  • Customers can satellite their way in by winning tickets for as little as $0.01. Customers collect Tickets playing satellites starting at just $0.01, via Ticket Steps starting at just $1.10, or in the points store.
  • Ticket Steps are quick 6-handed Sit & Gos where customers can play their way to high-value tickets starting at just $1.10. They run 24/7 and customers can find them in the client in the “Sit and Gos” section.
  • Customers can also satellite in quicker via the exclusive Title Fight satellite tourneys, with buy-ins starting at just $5.50. A full schedule is available on the website.
Win Share of $300K

Complete Cash Game Missions $25 Reward

Party Poker Cash Game Missions

Party Poker customers can get a $25 reward two new Cash Game Missions: Pocket Pairs and Final Hands. If a customer completes a mission, they will receive $25 in cash.

  • To complete the Pocket Pairs Mission, players must win with all the different pocket pairs in the game, in descending order, meaning players must start with A-A and end with 2-2.
  • To complete the Final Hands Mission, players must win with all of the different hand ranks in order, starting with a pair all the way up to a straight flush.
  • If a customer has an active Mission they’ll need to pause it before they can start one of the Cash Game Missions.
  • Only Hold’em Cash Game tables count towards the Cash Game Missions.
  • Heads-up tournaments, heads-up cash games and all freerolls are excluded.
  • The Missions are only open to customers who have deposited funds into their accounts.


A Party Poker customer takes part in the Final Hands Mission, and goes on to win the game with all different hand ranks in, order, all the way up to a straight flush. They then receive a $25 reward in cash.

The customer also takes part in the Pocket Pairs mission, and wins the game with all the different pocket pairs in the game, starting A-A in descending order. They then receive another $25 reward in cash.

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Earn Points For Loyalty Rewards

Party Poker Loyalty Rewards

The Party Poker loyalty program rewards customers when they earn points every time they play poker, casino or sports. Points can be exchanged for tourney tickets and cash. There are four levels within the loyalty scheme: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Palladium. Each level has a points requirement to be earned each month to maintain the level, or move up to the next level.

  • When playing poker, customers earn 2 points for every £1 in poker tournament fees and table charges.
  • Bronze level: requires 0 points per month. Customers can get tickets up to $22.
  • Silver level: requires 50 points per month. Tickets up to $109.
  • Gold level: requires 750 points per month. Tourney Tickets up to $530. Tickets up to $100.
  • Palladium level: requires 2000 points per month. Tickets up to $530. Cash rewards up to $500.


For a customer to progress from Bronze level to Silver level in a month, they would need to wager at least $25 on tournament fees and table charges ($1 in tournament fees and table charges = 2 points), as Silver level requires 50 points.

For a customer to progress to Palladium level they would need to earn 2000 points in a month, and so wager at least $1000 on tournament fees and table charges.

Earn Loyalty Rewards

Double Points Happy Hour

Party Poker Happy Hour

Party Poker customers can get double cashback points during Happy Hours 3 times a day.

Happy Hours take place 18:00 to 19:00 GMT, 21:00 to 22:00 GMT, and then one more random time. To find out when, watch the official partypoker Facebook and Twitter feeds, or keep an eye out for alerts via the partypoker mobile app.

Play regular cash games or fastforward poker and you’ll receive double partypoker Cashback points.

  • Cashback Points have no cash value. Double points are between times advertised and only on cash games.
  • This promo will run until 23:59 CET on 30th November, 2017.
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Sit & Go Missions Win Up To $25 Reward

Party Poker Sit & Go Missions

Party Poker customers can take part in their Sit and Go Missions and get a bonus up to $25 and $5 cash. The mission has two levels of difficulty, Easy and Difficult, and each has three objectives.

  • To complete the Easy Mission, customers must play three Sit and Go tournaments a day for three days; win a hand with AA, KK, QQ, JJ and TT and eliminate one player a day for five days. The reward for this mission is a $10 bonus.
  • To complete the Extreme Mission, customers must play five Sit and Go tournaments for five days; win a hand with 22, 55, 77, 88 and 99 and eliminate five players a day for five days in Sit and Gos. The reward for this mission is $25 bonus and $5 cash.
  • Customers will have at least four weeks to finish both Missions.
  • If a customer has an active Mission they’ll need to pause it before they can start one of the Sit and Go Missions.
  • All objectives need to be played and completed on Sit & Go tables.
  • Heads-up tournaments, cash games, heads-up cash games and all freerolls are excluded; to win a hand the hand needs to go to showdown.
  • The Missions are only open to customers who have deposited funds into their accounts.
  • Any bonus given through these two Missions are release restricted bonuses, and can only be released on Sit and Go tables. They will be released in slabs. To release the entire $25 bonus, the player needs to earn 125 points; to release the entire $10 bonus, the player needs to earn 50 points.
  • Customers can earn 2 points for every $1 in tournament fees and table charges.


A customer takes part in the Easy mission and plays three Sit and Go tournaments for three days in a row. The win a hand with AA, KK, QQ, JJ and TT and eliminate one player a day for five days. They are then reward with a $10 bonus. In order to release this bonus they must earn 50 points. As every $1 om tournament fees and table charges earns 2 points, the customer must wager at least $25 in tournament fees and table charges before they can release their bonus.

Get $25 Reward

Sit & Go Hero

Party Poker Sit & Go Hero

Party Poker customers can take part in the fast paced 4-handed Sit & Go Hero bounty tournaments with a twist.

Random draws will decide the total prize pool, which can be anything from double to 10,000 times your buy in. A portion of the prize pool will be placed as a bounty on one randomly selected player.

Sit & Go Hero is offered in 5 different buy-in levels: $1, $3, $5, $10 & $20. Players start with 500 chips and each level is 3 minutes long.

When each table is full the first random draw will begin which will decide the total prize pool for the Sit & Go Hero tournament.

In most cases the winner of the tournament wins 75% of the prize pool. However, when the multiplier is between 50 times to 1,000 times, 2nd and 3rd position will also be paid, and for the largest 10,000 multiplier, 4th position will also be paid. The placed positions will share 15% of the total prize pool.

  • Sit & Go tournaments start as soon as the required number of players takes a seat.
  • Multi-table tournaments start at predetermined times. Players will be randomly seated.
  • Late registration is available in select multi-table tournaments. Registration is considered closed when any of the following occurs:
    • The first level of the tournament is completed.
    • One player is eliminated from the tournament.
    • All available seats are filled.
    • Maximum tournament capacity is reached.
  • Extended late registration: We also offer extended late registration at selected multi-table tournaments. Registration will remain open beyond level 1, which means it can be open until the end of level 2, level 3 or even further.
  • The extended late registration period is considered closed under the following conditions:
    • The level specified in the 'Tournament info' window in the Lobby is reached.
    • The tournament's maximum capacity is reached.
    • When the tournament has awarded the first prize rank.
    • At the end of Add-On and Rebuy period.
  • Players will be allowed to unregister from a Sit & Go tournament as long as not all the seats have been filled.
  • Players will be allowed to unregister from a multi-table tournament up to 5 minutes before the tournament start time providing registration is still open. Players who register less than 5 minutes before the tournament start time will not be able to unregister.
  • Players can unregister from tournaments which allow late registrations until 5 minutes before play begins.

Play Sit & Go Hero

Play Sit & Go Hero

Party Poker Review

Part of the world's largest publicly traded online gambling company, PartyPoker was launched in 2001 and based on revenue and player volume, is currently the third biggest poker brand behind only PokerStars and Full Tilt. They were the largest site, but opted to leave the US market in 2006 due to new anti-gambling laws that were introduced that year. Based in Gibraltar, PartyPoker merged with the Bwin sports and casino brand in 2010, becoming listed on the London Stock Exchange a few months later.

With up to 70,000 players online at peak times, $15 million in guaranteed tournament prizes each month and a varied selection of promotions and bonuses, PartyPoker customers can play all of the most popular versions of the game at lots of different prices, while making deposits and claiming back winnings through a very wide range of options.


Texas Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo, and their own speed poker game, called Fast Forward, can all be found here. PartyPoker are not part of any network and use their own software to power the games. This software is not quite state of the art, but is very stable with clear graphics and smooth animations. It offers everything that 99% of players will be looking for, but lacks the option to create your own avatars and the no-download version is somewhat limited in its functionality.

Games are accessed from a well-designed lobby area, where clients can see what tables are currently running, how many players are online at each, the buy-ins and any prize pots. There are also useful details on average pot size, hands played per hour, and what game type is being played. Search results can be fine-tuned to make finding the right table easier, with options to find cash tables, Sit and Go tables or tournaments.

The tournament schedule is also here and it is easy to filter them by game type or format, including Shootout, Rebuy and Heads Up, buy-ins and limit type, either fixed limit, no limit, or pot limit. No matter what game a player is looking for, they should be able to find their ideal play in just a few seconds and can even take a sneak preview of the action at each table before joining it.

Once at a table, competitors can select from a range of cartoon style avatars and alter the settings to see hand histories, statistics, notes, table size, or even play at up to 12 tables at once. A popular feature is the four colour option which turns diamond cards green and clubs blue making it less likely that any mistakes will be made. The Hot Hand Alert can be selected, which informs a multi-table player when they get a specific hand which they could otherwise miss, whilst other options include turning the chat functions on or off, stacking tables and using the keyboard to create shortcuts that can significantly speed up play.

New players can visit the poker school which will teach them the basic rules, the differences with each variant, poker tips, a guide to poker lingo and a useful introduction on how to use the lobby, schedule, and playing options to get the most from a game. With a constant stream of newcomers coming to PartyPoker, the play can be very soft, particularly at the lower limit tables, but occasionally at some of the mid-range no-limit and fixed-limit tables. High stakes action can be harder to find at the cash tables.

The PartyPoker software is multi-platform and can be downloaded to PCs using Windows, Apple Mac, or Linux operating systems.


Due to the sheer size of PartyPoker, they are able to offer bonuses and promotions that are more generous than many of their competitors. New customers can get a welcome bonus that is paid in increments the more they play, with 10% being added to their account once a set number of PartyPoints are earned. There are also exclusive freeroll tournaments for new players where they can practice using the software without the need to stake any of their own money.

PartyPoints are earned by all players at different rates depending on the game being played and the stakes, with higher stakes accumulating points far more quickly. Once a certain number of points have been earned, the player can then enter the Palladium VIP scheme, which gives them rakeback deals, free cashouts, higher deposit limits and merchandise from headphones to discounts on Harley Davidson bikes and Lamborghini cars. Regular players get to claim several extra rewards, like re-deposit bonuses, surprise cash payouts and credits to use in the PartyPoker casino and bingo rooms.

PartyPoker host lots of satellite tournaments, including World Poker Tour fixtures, guaranteed jackpot tournaments, and the famous 'Millions', played aboard a cruise ship.


Depositing funds into a PartyPoker account couldn't be any easier as they have a huge range of deposit and withdrawal options available. All major credit and debit cards can be used, as well as e-wallets, bank transfers and prepaid cards or vouchers. There are many local payment options available, allowing residents of numerous countries to use their preferred deposit methods, while withdrawals are processed quickly and securely, using 128-bit SSL encryption technology to keep client's details safe. All deposits and withdrawals, with the exception of bank wires, are free from any extra charges added on by PartyPoker, although the payment processor may have their own fees depending on the method used and the location of the player.


For an independent poker site not attached to any network, PartyPoker are one of the most popular choices in several countries. They have accumulated millions of players over the years and have tens of thousands online at peak times, ensuring a wide range of games and tournaments are running at all hours of the day.

The games are well presented with clear, if unimaginative, graphics and tables can be customised to suit the requirements of each user with ease. Banking is exceptionally easy and secure, as PartyPoker hold a license to operate from the Government of Gibraltar, one of the most respected online gaming jurisdictions in the world.