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Holdem table pre flop.

Choosing a table to play at.

VIP Super Saturday - Win Share of $155K - T&Cs Apply, 18+

Poker Stars VIP Super Saturday

The timeliness and accuracy of this offer summary cannot be guaranteed. Offers can be withdrawn or changed at any time so it's always best to check direct with the operator before continuing.

PokerStars VIP Super Saturday tournaments are exclusive to VIP players of different levels, and give customers a chance to win a share of $155,000 in prizes.

  • VIP Super Saturdays take place on the last weekend of every month across four tournaments.
  • VIP Super Saturday also features added-value VIP Bash Tournaments which customers can buy into using StarsCoin.
  • The timetable for Super Saturday tournaments are as follows:
Time/TournamentPrize Pool
12:00 ET BronzeStar VIP Tournament7 StarsCoin buy-in, $5,000 prize pool
12:30 ET ChromeStar Freeroll$20,000 prize pool
13:00 ET VIP Bash TournamentVariable StarsCoin buy-in, always has added value
13:30 ET SilverStar Freeroll$30,000 prize pool
14:00 ET GoldStar Freeroll$100,000 prize pool
  • Customers can find out which tournament to play in by checking their VIP status in the PokerStars software.
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Spin & Go Max - T&Cs Apply, 18+

Full Tilt Poker Spin & Go Max

The timeliness and accuracy of this offer summary cannot be guaranteed. Offers can be withdrawn or changed at any time so it's always best to check direct with the operator before continuing.

Full Tilt Poker customers can play Spin & Go Max to win up to 10,000 times their buy-in.

Tournaments have up to 8 players and innovative features to let you maximise your winnings.

Start playing from just $1.

Random Player Draw

The number of players in a given Spin & Go Max tournament is not known before you register. Instead, a random draw held before the tournament starts will decide the number of players, ranging from three to eight. The number of players drawn directly influences the prize pool.Check out the table below to see what the probabilities are of between three to eight players being selected for a game at each buy-in level.


Triple Prize Spin

Here's how it works: before play starts, three spinners will show three potential prizes for the tournament's eventual winner. When play ends, the prizes will be shuffled and hidden. The winner will then pick one of the prizes (see Step 5) at random.If more than one player will be paid, this will be specified in the tournament lobby. Prizes for second place or lower are fixed after the pre-game spins, and are not affected by whatever prize the first-place finisher selects post-game.If the top prize is drawn on one of the pre-game spinners, it will be guaranteed and the winner will not have to choose from the initial three options when the tournament ends.

Game Play

Each Spin & Go Max tournament is No Limit Hold'em, but if no winner is decided within a certain number of hands it's time to go all-in!Once gameplay begins, a special countdown will show how many hands are left until all players remaining in the game go all-in (see Step 4). Please Note: a Spin & Go Max will only enter all-in mode if no winner is determined within the allotted number of hands - as dictated by buy-in level and total number of players.

After the specified number of hands has been played, and the counter has reached zero, your Spin & Go Max will switch to fast-paced all-in mode. The winner will then be quickly decided, as all remaining players will be all-in on every hand until there is only one player standing. Hold on to your seats!

Whether you win a Spin & Go Max outright, or beat all comers in all-in mode, you'll get the chance to pick your prize.Prizes drawn before the game will re-appear and then be shuffled and hidden. The winner will have 45 seconds to pick from one of the three hidden prizes. If they don't act in time the prize will be randomly selected for them.To add even more excitement, when higher prizes are drawn a 'Cash Out' option will be offered. Instead of randomly picking one of the hidden prizes at the end of the game, the first place finisher can select to 'Cash Out' an amount offered. The Cash Out amount is equal to the average value of all three prizes, minus an amount which will create a compelling choice.If the highest possible pay-out is drawn on one of the pre-game spinners, the prize will be guaranteed and the winner will not have to choose from the initial three options when the tournament ends.

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Sochi Spin & Go Qualifiers - T&Cs Apply, 18+

Poker Stars Sochi Spin & Go's

The timeliness and accuracy of this offer summary cannot be guaranteed. Offers can be withdrawn or changed at any time so it's always best to check direct with the operator before continuing.

Poker Stars customers can win a package to PokerStars Championship Sochi by playing special Spin & Go events.

Play a special $5.50 Spin & Go and if your prize spinner hits the top tier you’ll be playing for the following:

  • A buy-in (single entry) to the PokerStars Championship Sochi Main Event, worth RUB 192,000 (approx. $3,322), running March 23-29, 2018.
  • 10 (ten) nights’ accommodation for two at the 5* Sochi Marriott Krasnaya Polyana hotel resort for the period of March 20-30, 2018.
  • $550 for travel expenses.

Please note: Prize winners will be responsible for making and paying for all travel arrangements.

First Place PrizeFrequency
PokerStars Championship Sochi package worth $5,300399 in 1,000,000
$22 Sochi Satellite ticket212,699 in 1,000,000
$11 Sochi Satellite ticket786,902 in 1,000,000
  • This promotion is not open to players in Greece or the Czech Republic.
  • All winning players will be contacted within 72 hours of winning, at which point travel and accommodation expenses will be credited to your account.
  • PokerStars Championship Sochi prize packages won playing Spin & Go’s are non-refundable and cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash unless you win two or more packages, in which case the additional package(s) will be automatically exchanged for T$.
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Trip To Vegas Freerolls - T&Cs Apply, 18+

PokerStars Trip to Vegas Freerolls

The timeliness and accuracy of this offer summary cannot be guaranteed. Offers can be withdrawn or changed at any time so it's always best to check direct with the operator before continuing.

Poker Stars customers can win a trip to Las Vegas for two by playing Trip to Vegas Freerolls until the 17th February.

Play the free 'Trip to Vegas Freerolls' every day from December 11-February 17 at 15:00 ET. The top 50 players will qualify for the Grand Final on February 18th.

Prize Pool for the Grand Final

1stTrip to Las Vegas (worth $5,000)
  • Players must be aged 18 and over to enter.
  • This promotion commences on December 11, 2017 until February 17, 2018.
  • This promotion is only open to players registered in the following countries: Brazil and the Latin American region, Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Liechtenstein and United Kingdom.
  • The winning player must have a valid visa and passport for entry to the USA, and obtaining said visa is the sole responsibility of the player.
  • The winner will be contacted regarding the arrangement of the next steps within 48 hours of the Grand Final finishing.
  • The journey has to be booked by the winner themselves with a budget of $3,000 that will be provided by us. The hotel will be booked and paid for by us.
  • The journey must commence by June 1, 2018, or the prize will be forfeited.
  • The prize money is inclusive of all travel and your daily expenses during your stay in Las Vegas. Any additional costs incurred by you shall be your sole responsibility.
  • Multiple qualifications, cash alternatives, or a transfer of seats are not possible.
  • Please note that the date of the online Grand Final may be subject to change.
Win a Trip To Vegas

$10M Stars Rewards Giveaway - T&Cs Apply, 18+

Poker Stars Rewards

The timeliness and accuracy of this offer summary cannot be guaranteed. Offers can be withdrawn or changed at any time so it's always best to check direct with the operator before continuing.

Poker Stars customers can join Stars Rewards to earn reward points to get chests of prizes with a variety of items including cash, bonuses and tickets. There are rewards with a total value of $10,000,000, including a minimum of one thousand random Chests containing $1,000 cash.

There will be cash rewards of $1,000 in Chests at random, as well as other smaller cash amounts. To take part:

  • Join the Stars Rewards program: simply look for the Stars Rewards widget in our software (under ‘My Stars’ in the mobile app) and click on the ‘Start’ button.
  • Start playing. You’ll earn reward points for real money gaming activity on any products available in your region. Reward points fill your progress bar, which once full awards you a Chest.
  • A minimum of one thousand Chests will contain $1,000 in cash! And even if your Chest doesn’t contain a big money reward, it will be filled with personalised rewards tailored to you and the games you like to play.
  • There’s no limit to how many Chests you can win each day, provided you accumulate the necessary reward points.

As you win more, the number of reward points you’ll need to earn to win each Chest will increase, but so will the value of each Chest.

$1,000 Chest Probability Table

Red Chest1 in 40,000
Blue Chest1 in 20,000
Bronze Chest1 in 8,000
Silver Chest1 in 4,000
Gold Chest1 in 2,000
Platinum Chest1 in 1,000
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The Deal Progressive $25K Jackpot - T&Cs Apply, 18+

Poker Stars The Deal

The timeliness and accuracy of this offer summary cannot be guaranteed. Offers can be withdrawn or changed at any time so it's always best to check direct with the operator before continuing.

The Deal’s Progressive Jackpot from Poker Stars starts at $25,000 and keeps growing until it hits. Customers can use The Deal to turn their StarsCoin into cash prizes by using seven StarsCoin to buy-in to The Deal, with the chance to spin the wheel to win the progressive jackpot. If customers don’t make it to the jackpot round they still have a chance to win cash prizes worth up to $300.

In addition, play in the deal in the 12 hours before the jackpot hits, and automatically win a share of half the jackpot.

Hit the jackpot and 50% of the jackpot prize money will go straight into your account. The other 50% will be divided between everyone who has played The Deal in the previous 12 hours.

  • All players are eligible to play The Deal and win the jackpot.
  • The actual amount of the progressive jackpot is displayed in the game software.
  • Players may select the 7 StarsCoin buy-in, or the 70 StarsCoin buy-in for higher value prizes and a better chance of winning a shot at the jackpot.
  • For every 7 StarsCoin used to play The Deal, we add $0.028 to the progressive jackpot - 77% goes into the current jackpot and 23% is set aside for future jackpots. The rest is distributed to players in the form of regular prizes. Each jackpot starts from $25,000.
  • Players who choose to play only one hand will be dealt seven cards face-down and will be asked to discard two cards. Players who choose to play more than one hand will have their cards selected automatically. In both instances the prize a player wins will be based on the strength of the five-card hand that is subsequently revealed.
  • All prizes won via The Deal are automatically credited to winning players’ accounts and cannot be exchanged for alternative prizes.
  • By accepting The Deal’s progressive jackpot prize, players give permission for us to use their Stars ID, avatar and/or other details in promotions and marketing communications. In addition, we may contact winners for the purpose of preparing further marketing and promotional campaigns.
  • The prizes available to win are as follows:
Hand7 StarsCoin70 StarsCoin
Royal FlushJackpot RoundJackpot Round
Straight Flush$250Jackpot Round
Four of a Kind$30$300
Full House$5$75
Straight50 StarsCoin$10
Three of a Kind25 StarsCoin300 StarsCoin
Two Pair7 StarsCoin70 StarsCoin
One Pair2 StarsCoin10 StarsCoin
Ace High1 StarsCoinNo prize
High CardNo prizeNo prize


A customer uses 7 StarsCoin to buy-in to The Deal. They get a Royal Flush and so win a chance to take part in the Jackpot round. If they win the jackpot they will receive 50% of the jackpot amount. If they don’t win the jackpot but play in the 12 hours before the jackpot hits, they will win a share of 50% of the jackpot amount with other eligible players.

A customer uses 70 StarsCoin to buy-in to The Deal. They get Four of a Kind and so win $300.

Play the Deal

EPT Sochi Depositor Freerolls - T&Cs Apply, 18+

Poker Stars EPT Sochi

The timeliness and accuracy of this offer summary cannot be guaranteed. Offers can be withdrawn or changed at any time so it's always best to check direct with the operator before continuing.

Poker Stars customers can win tickets for EPT Sochi when they make a deposit.

There are three daily EPT Sochi Depositor Freerolls until February 4, each giving away over $1,400 in Sochi Satellite tickets.

Use the bonus code ‘SOCHITICKETS’ when depositing at least £10 between January 3 and February 4 To claim three Freeroll tickets. You can deposit and claim more tickets once a day until 06:30 ET on February 4.

Use your tickets to play Sochi Depositor Freerolls running daily at 07:30ET, 10:30ET and 13:30ET.

The top 100 players in each freeroll will win a $22 or $11 Sochi Satellite ticket which you can use for any Sochi Satellites with $22 or $11 buy-in, including Sochi Sit & Go’s on demand.

  • In order to participate in this Promotion throughout the Duration, you must make a minimum reload deposit of ‘$10 or more’ using the code ‘SOCHITICKETS’.
  • After you make your reload deposit using the requisite code, your account will be credited with 3 (three) x EPT Sochi freeroll tickets.
  • You can use your freeroll tickets to take part in any of the 3 (three) x daily EPT Sochi depositor freeroll tournaments.
  • In each freeroll, players in places 1-30 will win $22 Sochi satellite ticket and players in places 31-100 will win $11 Sochi satellite ticket.
  • Use your Sochi satellite tickets to player any Sochi satellites with $22 or $11 buy-in including Sit & Go on demand.
  • All issued tickets to play in EPT Sochi depositor freerolls will have 14 days’ validity and must be used within 14 days from the date of issue. Any unused tickets will be forfeited.
  • All issued tickets to play in Sochi depositor freerolls are non-transferable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other alternative.
  • No tickets for the Sochi depositor freerolls will be awarded to any individual who for any reason, would not be eligible to receive any such ticket.
  • This reload deposit offer is available to existing players and can be used as many times as desired within the duration, but once a day only (00:00-23:59 ET).
  • If you chose to use the bonus code ‘SOCHITICKETS’ when you make your first deposit you will lose the right to any of the other first deposit bonuses on offer.
Earn Freeroll Tickets

Jacks or Better Poker Challenge - T&Cs Apply, 18+

Poker Stars Jacks or Better Challenge

The timeliness and accuracy of this offer summary cannot be guaranteed. Offers can be withdrawn or changed at any time so it's always best to check direct with the operator before continuing.

Poker Stars customers can win up to $5,000 in cash, every day, by completing a daily poker Challenge.

Hit ‘Start’ on the day’s Jacks or Better Poker Challenge and play eligible* Hold’em cash game (including Zoom) hands. Every time you win a hand holding a pair of Jacks or better, you’ll accumulate points.

Once you reach your points target, you’ll receive a cash prize of up to $5,000. Winning a hand with quads or better will see you complete the Poker Challenge instantly.

  • This promotion runs until February 4, 2018, but may be shortened or extended at our discretion.
  • Each daily Challenge starts at 00:00 ET and expires at 23:59 ET, with the exception of the Challenge on Day 1 of the promotion which starts at 10:00 ET and ends at 23:59 ET.
  • To have your progress measured, you must opt-in to each daily Challenge by hitting ‘Start’ in your Challenges window. And hands played prior to opting in will not count towards your progress.
  • Only when you have completed the entire Challenge and achieved your points target will you receive your cash reward. Challenge points cannot be used or transferred in any way except for completing the Jacks or Better Poker Challenge.
  • Random reward cash prizes won will be displayed in your Challenges window. Cash rewards will be credited instantly and will be yours to keep, with no restrictions or earning requirements.
  • A Jacks or Better Poker Challenge can only be completed by playing real money No Limit and Pot Limit Hold’em cash games (or Zoom cash games). Qualifying games and stakes will be displayed in your Challenges Window. Other game variants, hands played at Play Money tables, in heads-up games, Limit games, Home games or hands played in any tournament format are not eligible.
  • At least three players must be dealt into the hand for the hand to be eligible to earn points towards the Jacks or Better challenge.
  • Eligible hands may be won pre- or post-flop. No points will be collected for losing hands.
Play Jacks or Better

Poker Stars Review

PokerStars are the world's largest name in online poker and can trace their origins back to 2001, which is a long time in this marketplace. Founded in Canada by father and son team, Isai and Mark Scheinberg, the company was originally intended to be just a poker software developer but, unable to find any clients to license it to, the decision was made to start their own online poker site which went live on September 11th 2001. Despite the terrible events that have made that day infamous, PokerStars became an instant hit, with the first live, online poker tournament attracting a large number of players.

By December of that year, real money games were running and by the beginning of 2002, satellite tournaments to the largest poker events such as the WSOP were being offered. Growth was rapid, with 5 million users registered by 2006 and the 100 billionth hand played in June 2013. At certain times, the number of active players online has exceeded 120,000. The PokerStars site is, unsurprisingly, very well presented, with details of the latest offers and promotions displayed prominently and links to quick demonstration videos that introduce the varieties of table.


An unbeatable number of tables are supplied here, including:

  • Texas Holdem
  • Omaha
  • Omaha Hi/Lo
  • 5 Card Stud
  • 7 Card Stud

Also some less well known versions like Courchevel, HORSE, 2-7 Single and Triple Draw and Badugi. Texas Holdem is far and away the most widely played version of poker and is available in Limit, Pot Limit and No Limit versions, with literally hundreds of cash tables playing at any one time, and hundreds of tournaments each week. There are also more than enough Omaha and Stud tables to ensure that players of any budget and skill level can find a table to suit them. Courchevel is an Omaha version where at the beginning of the hand, the first flop card is dealt face up, while HORSE is a variety where Holdem, Omaha, Razz, Seven Card Stud and Eight-or-Better are played in sequence after each hand. This is a great way to prove player's skills across a range of games and is becoming increasingly popular. 2-7 Single and 2-7 Triple Draw are won by getting the lowest possible hand, although rankings are calculated differently. Badugi success requires a low ranking hand from different suits and is again becoming more and more popular with those looking for something a little different and challenging.

Getting to any of these exciting games is made easy via the multi-function lobby area. Tables can be filtered by buy-ins, tournament details, number of seats, pot sizes and more. It also has tabs to take users to the cashier to deposit and withdraw funds, an options area where table size, sounds and other details can be customised, plus news, player statistics and customer support links. Once happy with these details, players just click to get seated at their table of choice. The tables themselves are presented in a similar fashion to many online poker sites, meaning nice clear graphics, options to customise details even further, history information and the ability to create an avatar using a real image of the player. The software has had many years of development so it is smooth running and images are pin-sharp.

Anyone with limited or no experience of playing poker will find the detailed Frequently Asked Questions section a definite place to visit first. Here they will find step by step instructions which range from how to download the software, how to fund an account to guides on how each type of game is played. There are plenty of images and video tutorials that take visitors through the basics of poker such as hand rankings and what flops, turns and rivers are, or they will also inform more experienced users about strategies and how to develop their skills further.

New customers are advised to try out the free tables and tournaments specifically designed to help them learn the basics without losing real cash. iPhone, iPad and Android owners can play on mobile devices, including rings, tournaments and Sit n' Gos, while deposits can be made to an account with no need to go online. There is even a PokerStars TV app (iPhone, Android) so users can view the biggest games. There is something for everyone here, with total newcomers able to learn how to play, professional players are able to find big money tournaments with strong competition and everything else in between for us average guys.

Bonuses and Promotions

New customers can claim a welcome bonus that varies in detail occasionally, but will usually be of an average size compared to other sites. PokerStars are so popular that they don't need to tempt potential users in with a massive offer, although the bonus they feature is pretty easy to get, and like most poker welcome bonuses is released in stages to the customer's account with increasing Player Points earnt. No-deposit bonus offers are also commonly provided, as well as entry to freeroll tournaments, and claiming any of these is just a matter of entering the bonus codes as instructed when paying funds in.

The VIP programme rewards regular customers with two different types of points at the same time. VPPs, or VIP Player Points act as a monthly guide to how much a user has staked and determines their level in the VIP club, with bigger rewards for those further up the levels. All players start at BronzeStars level and as they progress through Silver, Chrome, Gold and on to the top Supernova and Supernova Elite levels, the rewards get more lucrative, including better points conversion rates, bonuses, invites to parties and VIP tournaments. FPPs, or Frequent Player Points are redeemable for merchandise in the PokerStars store, tournament entry or to cash out. It does seem a bit over the top to have two different points systems, but once playing, it's fairly easy to work out how many of each type have been earned. Several other promotions will always be running, but the details will vary. Overall, PokerStars are not the best for special offers, but again, they don't need to be.


Depending on their country of residence, customers can choose from a good selection of deposit and withdrawal options which covers the best known credit and debit cards, e-wallets and prepaid cards as well as bank transfers and even cheques. A unique method is the PokerStars Top-Up Card available from many retailers in the UK. Those using mobile phones to access the games may be able to use their network provider to transfer funds securely. Not all options allow for withdrawn funds to be sent to them, in which case, customers will be advised to set up an alternative system as well. Withdrawal requests get processed within 1-3 days depending on how deposits were made and where the money is going to, and the PokerStars site has detailed instructions on how to use each deposit and withdrawal method.

Customer Support

Although the customer support team are on hand 24/7, they can only really be contacted via an online Support Form, as there is no live chat or phone option available. That said, responses tend to be pretty much instant, and the FAQ sections are exceptionally detailed and easy to use.


PokerStars have become by far the world's largest site for a number of reasons. The selection of games and sheer number of players online is simply staggering and nothing else comes close. Even though they are not part of a network, they are twice the size of iPoker, which is the biggest network of sites around. So if variety is sought, visitors need look no further.

The software is easy to use and configure, the graphics are as good if not better than those offered by competitors and it really cannot be faulted. They don't offer the best range of welcome bonuses and promotions, but they are at least competitive, although the points scheme takes a bit of getting used to. Where they let themselves down a little, is in the customer support options. Although queries get answered quickly, a free phone number would be welcomed.