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£1000 Super League Missions

Betfred Poker Super League Missions

Betfred Poker cusstomers can take part in Super League Missions with over £1000 give away in Freerolls every week. There are 6 missions to complete throughout the week, and each mission can only be completed once. Each mission you complete earns you a ticket for the daily £100 GTD Freeroll, complete 4 missions and you will get a ticket for the weekly £500 GTD Freeroll, complete all 6 get a €10 general ticket! Each ticket has a 3 day expiry and if you complete more than one mission in a day you can use all the tickets in the same freeroll, or save them for the next day. Daily freerolls will run daily - Monday to Friday at 8pm(GMT)and the weekly freerolls will be every sunday at 8pm.

Mission NameStory of the Mission
The Super leagueThere has been points galore so far in the Super League, just Rake 10 hands in each of Speed cash, 6+ cash, PLO cash and NL cash games (€0.05/0.10) Min tables
The Castleford missionCastleford have got off to a tremendous start this year, they have never won the Superleague but have won the challenge cup 4 times. Just play in 4 Betfred exclusive tournaments (as below) to complete this one note on weeks Super league tournaments do not run then this will be reduced to 2 tournaments
The Hull FC MissionHull FC biggest win in Super league history was 88-0 in 2003 against Sheffield. Just get dealt pocket 8's in any GTD rebuy tournament (min buy in €1)
The Leeds MissionLeeds are one of only 3 teams to do the modern day treble (League, Grand Final and Challenge cup) Win 3 twisters, one of each at €1, €2 and €5 buy in! Treble done!
The Wakefield MissionWakefields Fred Smith amassed an impressive 38 tries in one season in 1961-62, still a club record now, rake 38 hands in NL cash games Min €0.05/0.10
The Widnes MissionWidnes are certainly the cup kings! They have won 7 Challenge cups in their history, celebrate this with 7 pocket pairs combined in any twisters with a min €2 buy in
  • This Promotion is open to all customers.
  • Tickets will be issued automatically upon completion of the mission objectives, this can take up to 5 minutes.
  • You have from 1159hrs GMT on Monday until 23:59hrs GMT Saturday to complete the missions each week.
  • Missions start fresh at 0000hrs GMT each Monday.
  • Entry tickets are only valid for the relevant tournament.
  • Entry tickets are non-transferable and have no monetary value.
  • The Betfred Super league daily FR entry tickets will expire after 3 days of issue.
  • The Betfred Super league Weekly FR entry tickets will expire after 14 days of issue.
  • The €10 general ticket will expire after 14 days of issue.
  • Tickets are awarded as follows: Complete 1 mission for 1 Daily Betfred Super league Missions ticket; Complete 4 missions for 1 £500GTD Betfred Super league Missions ticket; Complete 6 missions for a €10 general ticket.
  • Daily FR tournaments will be daily Monday to Friday at 8pm GMT and the £500GTD FR will be held at 8pm GMT on Sunday.
Play Super League Mission

Flip To a Grand

Betfred Poker Flip to a Grand

Betfred Poker customers can play Flip to a Grand and play “all-in” Sit & Go's to move through levels. Make it to level 5 and you’ll be guaranteed a prize from £650 to £1,000.


Players can only buy into levels 1 with real cash. Levels 2-5 require a token which can be won through play in levels 1,2,3 and 4.

As you progress through levels 2 – 4, you will be issued with a token for the next level. Losing players will have to re-register to Level 1 should they wish to keep playing.

LevelBuy-In + FeePrizepool
1£0.90 + £0.10Entry to Level 2
2Token - £5.00 + £0.40Entry to Level 3
3Token - £28.00 + £0.40Entry to Level 4
4Token - £160.00 + £8.00Entry to Grand Final
5Token - £920.00 + £40.001st - 4th £1000.00, 5th £870.00 & 6th £650.00

Mission Free Tokens

Opt in to the weekly FTAG missions and you’ll be credited with a free token once you have completed the necessary requirements.

MissionRequirements (VIP Points)Reward
FTAG Level 1300FTAG Level 1 token
FTAG Level 21,500FTAG Level 2 token
FTAG Level 39,000FTAG Level 3 token
  • This promotion will run from Tuesday, September 19th until further notice.
  • Players must be 18+ to register and participate in this promotion.
  • Players will only be able to buy-in to Level 1 with real money. All other levels require tokens which can be won by playing the various levels.
  • Unless this promotion is cancelled, tokens cannot be exchanged, redeemed or converted to cash.
  • Tokens will be automatically credited to winners’ accounts immediately upon completion of the level.
  • Missions tokens qualifying periods will be from 00:00 GMT on Monday’s through until 23:59 GMT on Sunday’s.
  • Tokens credited through our mission’s promotion will be credited automatically upon accrual of the relevant amount of VIP points in any given week during the promotional period.
  • Flip to £1,000 SNGs are “all-in” tournaments meaning all players will be automatically placed all-in every hand until we have a winner.
  • Flip to £1,000 Level 5 SNG will pay out the following prizes. 1st – 4th £1,000, 5th £870, 6th £650.
Play Flip To a Grand

VIP Club - Exchange Points For Rewards

Betfred Poker VIP Club

Betfred Poker reward customers for their loyalty through the Betfred Poker VIP Club. Customers can work their way up through the VIP levels by earning points, which can be exchanged for cash and rewards.

  • Customers earn VIP Points based on the rake or fees they pay when playing cash games or tournaments on Betfred Poker:
Rake / Tournament FeeVIP Points
  • Points can be exchanged at a rate of 480 Award Points = €1 cash.
  • A customer’s VIP level will be upgraded instantly as they reach the VIP Points targets throughout the calendar month.
  • The higher the customer’s VIP level, the more Award Points you will get as you play. The table below illustrates this:
VIP LevelVIP Points RequiredAward Points MultiplierAward Points per €1 rake/feeRake/Fee Cashback %
  • ELITE level is a calendar year status. If a customer reaches this they will maintain ELITE status for the following calendar year.
  • A customer’s VIP level at the end of every calendar month will be maintained for the following month. However, if they generate enough VIP Points to reach a higher level during this month they would then be upgraded to the next VIP level instantly.
  • Award Points will expire 12 months after they are earned.


A customer at Grinder level must earn 1,200 VIP points. At this level they can earn 72 Award Points per €1 paid rake or tournament fees, as their Awards Points multiplier is x 3. The customer could exchange their 1,200 VIP points for €2 as points can be exchanged at a rate of 480 points per €1.

Earn VIP Points

£250 Beat the Manager

Betfred Poker Beat the Manager

Betfred Poker customers can buy in to the Beat the Manager tournament for just £2.75 with chance to win a £250 prize.

Win the Beat the Manager on Tuesday to gain entry to the Beat the manager heads up the following Thursday to win a £250 prize.

Prizes roll over, so if the Manager wins, the £250 prize pot rolls over to the following week.

  • Only players who have an account and have deposited at Betfred are Eligible for this promotion. In the event the winner of the BTM tournament has never made a deposit then the next place down will be given the opportunity to go heads up on Thursday. And so on.

  • In the event a player registers and wins the tournament who has never made a deposit, the prize fund will be removed from the players account and distributed equally amongst the players who finished in the prize money.

  • The winner of the "beat the manager" tournament on Tuesday will automatically be registered to the "Beat the manager heads up" tournament the following Thursday at 8pm.

  • In the event the Betfred Manager wins the prize fund will roll over to the following week.

  • The prize fund for each week is £250 and will increase by this amount should the Betfred Manager win.

  • Once the Betfred Manager is beaten the prize will go back to the starting value of £250 the following week.

  • In the event the winner cannot play in Thursdays heads up tournament, there will be NO alternative or rescheduling offered and the prize fund will roll over to the next week.

Beat the Manager

€100,000 Firework Missions

Betfred Poker Firework Mission

Betfred Poker customers can complete daily, weekly and monthly missions to earn freeroll tokens with cash prizes of €100,000 till 3rd December.

Daily Firework Missions

Opt-in and complete the following daily Twister OR Cash Game Mission to win 1 x €500 Firework Missions Ticket to enter the daily Playable or Flip (all-in) freeroll. Maximum of 1 ticket per player for completing this task.

DayTwister MissionCash Game Mission
MondayPlay 1 €10 TwisterWin with straight or better
TuesdayWin 5x €1 TwisterBe dealt JJ or QQ
WednesdayPlay 10x €1 TwisterSee 20 flops
ThursdayPlay 2x €5 TwisterWin with PP
FridayWin 1 Twister (€5 min. buy in)Be dealt KK or AA
SaturdayPlay 5 Twister (€2 min. buy in)Win 2 hands at showdown
SundayWin 2 Twister (€2 min. buy in)Be dealt AK

Cash Game Missions can be completed on: No Limit Texas Hold'em & 6+ Hold'em: €0.05/0.10 minimum blinds. Heads up tables excluded.

Daily Freerolls

Daily €500 Firework Missions (playable) and €500 Firework Missions Flip (all-in) freerolls.

StartEndOccurrenceTime GMTTournament NamePrize PoolRegistration
30th Oct3rd DecDaily (Mon - Sun)20:00€500 Firework Missions€ 50024h prior
31st Oct4th DecDaily (Mon - Sun)21:00€500 Firework Missions Flip€ 50024h prior

Single entry, minimum players: playable = 5; all-in = 151, maximum players = 10,000, players need to register but do not have to play Flip (all-in) freerolls.

Weekly Firework Missions

Opt-in and complete the following weekly Twister OR Cash Game Mission to win 1 x €5,000 Firework Missions Ticket to enter the weekly Playable or Flip (all-in) freeroll. Maximum of 1 ticket per player for completing this task.

Twister MissionCash Game Mission
Win 15x Twister (€2 min. buy in)Be dealt QQ+ 10 times

Cash Game Missions can be completed on: No Limit Texas Hold'em & 6+ Hold'em: €0.05/0.10 minimum blinds. Heads up tables excluded.

Weekly Freerolls

4 x Weekly €5,000 Firework Missions (playable) and €5,000 Firework Missions Flip (all-in) freerolls.

DateDayTime GMTTournament NamePrize PoolRegistration
5th NovSunday20:00€5,000 Firework Missions€ 5,00030th Oct
5th NovSunday22:00€5,000 Firework Missions Flip€ 5,00030th Oct
12th NovSunday20:00€5,000 Firework Missions€ 5,0006th Nov
12th NovSunday22:00€5,000 Firework Missions Flip€ 5,0006th Nov
19th NovSunday20:00€5,000 Firework Missions€ 5,00013th Nov
19th NovSunday22:00€5,000 Firework Missions Flip€ 5,00013th Nov
26th NovSunday20:00€5,000 Firework Missions€ 5,00020th Nov
26th NovSunday22:00€5,000 Firework Missions Flip€ 5,00020th Nov

Single entry, minimum players: playable = 10; all-in = 977, maximum players = 10,000, players need to register but do not have to play Flip (all-in) freerolls.

Monthly Firework Mission

Play 10 x Daily Freerolls (€500 Firework Missions and/or €500 Firework Missions Flip and you’ll be rewarded with a token to the €25,000 Firework Missions playable freeroll at 20:00 on Sunday, December 3rd, 2017.

  • This promotion will run from Monday, October 30th to Sunday, October 29th, 2017.
  • To be eligible for any prizes through this promotion, players must first opt-in to the daily, weekly and monthly missions via the poker client before completing the individual mission requirements.
  • Cash game missions must be completed on No-Limit Hold’em tables at stakes of €0.05/€0.10 and above.
  • Freeroll entry tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be converted to cash.
  • Minimum required players for the “€500 Firework Missions” Freerolls to start: 5.
  • Minimum required players for the “€500 Firework Missions Flip” Freerolls to start: 151.
  • Minimum required players for the “€5,000 Firework Missions” Freerolls to start: 10.
  • Minimum required players for the “€5,000 Firework Missions Flip” Freerolls to start: 977.
  • Minimum required players for the “€25,000 Firework Missions” Freerolls to start: 10.
  • All freerolls will be capped at a maximum of 10,000 entrants.
  • Daily Mission qualifying periods: Daily from 30/10/2017 00:00-23:59 GMT, except on 03/12/2017 when it ends at 20:59 GMT.
  • Weekly Mission qualifying Period: From 30/10/2017 and runs through until 26/11/2017 Mondays 00:00 GMT - Sundays 21:59 GMT.
  • Monthly Mission qualifying period: 30/10/2017 00:00 GMT and runs through until 03/12/2017 19:59 GMT.
  • For the purpose of missions with daily requirements, the days reset at 00:00 GMT.
  • Maximum amount of “€500 Firework Missions” tickets issued per day for completing the Daily Missions: 1 per player (one ticket per task option).
  • Maximum amount of “€5,000 Firework Missions” tickets issued per week for completing the Weekly Missions: 1 per player.
  • Maximum amount of “€25,000 Firework Missions” tickets issued during the duration of the promotion for completing the Monthly Mission: 1 per player.
Play Fireworks Mission

Win Share of €12.5K Twister Races

Betfred Poker €12,500 Twister Races

Betfred Poker are running Twister Races every week, where customers can win a share of €12,500 if they reach the top places on the leaderboard.

  • The €12,500 Twister Races run every week.
  • Winners will be determined by the following points structure:
Twister Buy-InTwister LostTwister Won
€ 111
€ 222
€ 555
€ 101010
€ 202020
€ 505050
  • Winners will be paid on Mondays by 1pm.
  • The €12,500 is broken down as follows: €8,050 Cash and €4,450 Twister Tokens. The table below shows the full pay out structure.
1€1,000 Cash
2€700 Cash
3€550 Cash
4€400 Cash
5€300 Cash
6€200 Cash + 3x€10 Twister Token
7-10€100 Cash + 3x€10 Twister Token
11-50€50 Cash + 4x€5 Twister Token
51-100€30 Cash + 4x€5 Twister Token
101-150€20 Cash + 4x€5 Twister Token
151-2503x€5 Twister Token
  • If more than one player has the same amount of points, the player with more Twister tournament entries during the qualifying period will be ranked at the higher position.


A Betfred Poker customer buys in to a Weekly €12,500 Twister Race and comes in 5th position. They will then win €300 cash. If the customer had ranked 251st position, they would not win a prize, as prizes are only awarded to the first 250 positions.

Win Twister Race

Happy Hour Double Points on Cash Games

Betfred Poker Happy Hour Double Points

Betfred Poker are giving all customers double Award Points on all cash poker games played between 7pm and 9pm everyday.

  • Every Award Point that a customer earns will be doubled and credited to their account the following Monday.
  • Award Points can be cashed in and exchanged for rewards, and must be used within 12 months.
  • Customers must opt in to qualify for the promotion.
  • Betfred’s general terms and conditions apply to this promotion.
  • The amount of points that can be earned are as follows:
Rake / Tournament FeeVIP Points
€ 124


A customer pays €2 in rake on a cash game played between 7pm and 9pm (happy hour). They would usually earn 48 points, but because they play during happy hour they will double their points and earn 96 points.

Earn Double Points

Wild Twister Poker

Betfred Poker Wild Twister

Betfred Poker customers can take part in Wild Twister all-in Poker games with a buy-in of just €0.50.

Wild Twister is a 3-handed lottery SNG where players are all-in on every hand. Instead of cash prizes, Wild Twister will pay out token prizes for regular Twister games (from 1€ to 50€).

Payout Structure

All prizes are Twister tokens worth between 1€ and 50€.

100€ 50.0050€ 2,500
40€ 20.00450€ 9,000
20€ 10.001,000€ 10,000
10€ 5.0010,000€ 50,000
4€ 2.0042,500€ 85,000
2€ 1.00196,000€ 196,000
  • Terms & Conditions “Wild Twister” tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be converted to cash.
  • iPoker reserves the right to exclude players that participate in the promotion with multiple accounts.
  • iPoker reserves the right to disqualify players if it reasonably suspects that collusion or other abusive strategies takes place.
  • iPoker reserves the right to withhold any prize won by anyone whom iPoker is aware or have reasonable grounds to believe is ineligible.
  • iPoker reserves the right to withdraw the availability of this offer to any player or group of players.
  • iPoker reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promotion at any time, without notice and it is your responsibility to check here for changes and updates.
  • Participants must be 18 years of age or over. Employees, any family members of employees, of iPoker and its affiliate companies, their agents or those of their respective group companies may not take partin this promotion.
  • This is network sponsored promotion governed by iPoker.
Play Wild Twister

Betfred Poker Review

Launched in 2005, Betfred Poker offers a range of popular games, with some generous bonuses, side games and access to the whole Betfred online betting site. As part of the biggest European poker network, there are always thousands at the tables, while a wide range of buy in prices means that anyone can find a game to suit their style and budget.

Betfred have a history as a high street bookmaker going back to 1967 and so they have plenty of experience and knowledge when it comes to providing what their customers require, which shows across all of their online sites where they have chosen the best software on the market for each part. For the poker section, they use Playtech software and the iPoker network.

Although a UK company, Betfred Poker are licensed and regulated by the government of Gibraltar, where most of the major online gambling companies have chosen to be located. This actually helps players, as local laws require Betfred to have their games independently monitored for fairness, security and stability, while they must also protect customer's personal information and handle financial transactions over encrypted servers to prevent risk to funds.


Although new player offers will change from time to time, Betfred Poker players can expect to receive a small amount of bonus funds that can be used to enter tournaments, or play high speed poker games. This is a pretty limited offer as, unlike most online poker sites, they do not always give new sign ups a welcome bonus based on a percentage of their first deposit amount. Instead, players earn reward points which can be exchanged for cash as they play. The 'Your Career' scheme earns 30 points for every £1 of rake generated in cash games or £1 paid in tournament fees, and once a certain numbers of points is reached, they can move up the 'Your Career' levels, which have exotic names based on well-known gambling destinations like Cannes, Macau, and Las Vegas. Each level brings with it a new and improved set of rewards, such as improved points conversion rates, daily giveaways and tournaments. Rather confusingly, players earn both career points and cash points, with career ones simply showing them what level of the loyalty scheme they have reached and cash ones being that actual points that can be converted to money.

Other promotions come and go, frequently being linked to sporting events, where Betfred Poker offer free bets on big games or races, plus they sometimes offer redeposit bonuses. On particular days, there are free poker tournaments where the prizes are in the form of free sports betting bonuses for the top ranked players.


Poker games at Betfred include:

  • Texas Holdem
  • Omaha
  • Omaha Hi / Lo
  • 7 Card Stud
  • High Speed Poker

High speed poker is a holdem game where players can instantly fold a bad hand and be dealt a new hand at a new table. Games are available in Limit, Pot Limit and No Limit, two player heads up, tournaments, Sit n' Gos with fixed numbers of seats, and special satellite tournaments which can win entry to major poker events. Buy ins range from zero at freeroll tournaments, to £100s, and by being part of such a huge network, there are games starting all the time, with the maximum number at peak hours when over 35,000 users can be online. Over £20 million in guaranteed tournaments is offered here each month.

The software is from the Playtech supplier, who have an excellent reputation in the industry, and downloading it only takes a couple of minutes. It is very logically laid out and it all runs very smoothly and reliably. Players can view statistics including hand history, flops, hands played, and can join in conversations with their fellow users via the chat function.

There are lots of side games, like roulette and slots for anyone who wants to take a break from the poker action. Furthermore, once an account has been opened in any part of the Betfred site, the same account and funds can be used to play at any other part, so poker players have access to hundreds of casino games, bingo and endless sports betting opportunities.

Although there are mobile apps for the sportsbook, casino and bingo sites, there is currently no poker available to play on mobile devices and tablets.

Deposit and withdrawal options

Players can deposit money into their Betfred account using the most common credit and debit cards, plus a couple of money transfer services and prepaid vouchers, as well as at any Betfred shop. Although most people will be able to use at least one of these methods, the range is actually quite limited and definitely UK and Ireland focused.

Whichever method is used, Betfred will instantly credit the players account and no additional fees are charged. When it's time to withdraw cash, requests are processed within two business days, although the card or money transfer company may need to further process the funds, so it can be several days before money appears back in the players account. Withdrawn funds are normally returned to the card or method used to make the deposit. For security purposes, all transactions are carried out over 128 bit SSL servers, which encode all details, and as an additional security measure, customers may need to provide some proof of ID before requesting their first withdrawal.


Overall, Betfred is an excellent place to play poker, being part of the biggest network. The range of games at various buy ins ensures that players will always be able to start within seconds. Customer support is good, banking is quick and secure and the loyalty scheme converts points to cash at a good rate. They do not always provide a new player bonus, which is somewhat disappointing.

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