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€100 Poker Sign Up Bonus

Key Terms & Rules for New Customers
Deposit Required? Yes
Minimum Deposit €10
Expiry 60 days
End Date 3rd July 2017
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In-Play Texas Holdem Poker.

Table Selection.

VIP Scheme

Bet365 Poker customers can earn Merit Points whenever they play poker for real money, in tournaments and on cash tables. Merit Points can then be used to access the current benefits and also determine which VIP level a customer is at within the scheme.

  • The VIP scheme rewards customers with a range of VIP rewards which can be claimed in exchange for Merit Points.
  • To earn Merit Points, customers must fulfil either of the following criteria in real money poker: contribute chips to any pot from which rake was taken on a cash table or pay a fee for entering any Scheduled Tournament or Sit & Go.
  • Customers earn points at a rate of 15 for every €1 or £1 of attributed rake or tournament fees.
  • To qualify for a VIP level, customers must earn the required number of Merit Points in a calendar month as follows:
LevelMerit Points Required
  • Once a customer has achieved VIP status for three consecutive months, they are eligible to start claiming VIP Rewards such as Cash Rewards, Bonus Rewards and Tournament Token Rewards.
  • Merit Points are deducted from a customer’s balance when they claim a reward.
  • In each calendar month, a customer may receive a maximum of one Cash Reward or one Bonus Reward and one Tournament Token Reward.
  • All calendar months up to and including February 2017 can be used as part of a Loyalty Reward claim. Any month can only be used as part of one successful claim. Claims must be made by March 2017 at the latest.


For a customer to reach Bronze VIP level, they would need to earn at least 1000 Merit Points in a calendar month. As £1 (or €1) earns 15 Merit Points, the customer would need to have paid approximately £67 in tournament fees or attributed rake to that value. If the customer wants to claim a VIP reward, they would need to remain at that VIP level for three consecutive months, by earning at least 1000 merit points for each of those months.

Earn Merit Points

Premium Poker Tables

Bet365 Poker customers can play poker exclusively against other Bet365 customers on the Premium Tables in the poker lobby.

  • Customers can play in a safe, secure environment.
  • Premium Tables offer promotions making it easier for the customer to be rewarded.
  • A range of stakes are available.
  • Customers can choose their table from the dedicated sections on the left side of the poker lobby.
  • Any prize or bonus amounts offered will be calculated using the current currency multiplier table as determined at the sole discretion of bet365.
  • The offer is for recreational players only and is limited to on per person, per household.
Play At Premium Tables

Premium Steps

The Premium Steps Sit and Go has an €800 top prize for a buy-in of €0.50. Customers must defeat their two opponents to progress to the next step. Premium Steps is available on Mobile Poker.

  • Customers can enter by paying the relevant buy in.
  • Tournament Tickets won in Premium Steps can only be used to enter further Premium Steps with the corresponding buy-in amount. If tickets are unused, they will expire two months after they are credited.
  • Merit Points are not awarded as a result of entering a tournament using a Tournament Ticket.
  • Premium Steps start with three players who each have a starting stack of 500 chips. Full buy-in and prize details are as follows:
1€0.50 or 100 Merit PointsStep 2
2€1.10Step 3
3€2.50Step 4
4€5.50Step 5
5€12.50Step 6
6€29Step 7
7€65.50Step 8
8€151Step 9
  • Direct entry is available to all Premium Steps.
  • Tournament Tickets can only be used for entry to Premium Steps with the corresponding buy-in amount.
  • Tournament Tickets cannot be converted to cash with the exception of those for entry to Premium Steps at Step 8 or Step 9.
  • Unused Tournament Tickets for entry to Premium Steps expire two months after they are credited.
  • Customers will be disqualified from all participation in Premium Steps if they are found to be entering Premium Steps using more than one account.


A customer buys into the Premium Steps Sit and Go tournament at Step 1 with a buy in amount of €0.50. If they beat their two opponents at this step, the will go on to Step 2. If they beat their opponents at Step 2 they will go on to Step 3. If they beat their opponents at Step 3 they will go onto Step 4. If they continue to win at each step they will go on to win the top prize of €800.

Customers can also gain direct entry to any Step of the Premium Steps by paying the relevant buy in. For example if they wanted to gain direct entry to Step 6, they would pay a buy in amount of €29.

Play Premium Steps

Twister Sit & Gos

Bet365 Poker customers can take part in Twister Sit and Gos for €1. Prize pools can be worth up to 1000 times a customer’s buy in, up to €50,000.

  • The prize pool is decided at random and displayed before each Twister Sit and Go begins.
  • The prize-pool amount is equal to a customer’s buy-in amount multiplied by one of the following factors: two, four, six, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 or 1,000.
  • Twister Sit & Gos start with three players. The winner will receive all the available prize-money if this is less than €1,000. If there is more than €1,000 to be won, the winner receives an 80% share and the other two players receive 10% each.
  • In order to play, customers must select their buy-in and the number of games they want to play. Once they hit the Play button the prize-pool on offer is then decided and displayed.
  • Once the game has started, play is the same as a standard Sit & Go.


If a customer selects their buy in amount as €20 and plays one game. The prize pool is then decided as 20 x their buy in amount, so €400. If the customer is the winner they will win the full amount of the prize money which amounts to €400.

If a customer selects their buy in amount as €20 and plays one game, and the prize pool amount is decided as 100 x their buy in amount, it will amount to €2000. As this amount is above €1000, if there are three players, and the customer is the winner, they will receive 80% of the prize pool which amounts to €1600. The other two players will then receive 10% each of the prize money, which amounts to €200 each.

Play Twister Poker

6K Twister Warrior

Bet365 Customers can play limited edition €0.50 Twister Sit & Gos for prize-pools worth up to €6,000. Prizes include a €5,000 holiday voucher and a €500 voucher to be used for specific prizes.

  • The prize-pool amount is equal to the customer’s buy-in amount multiplied by one of the following factors: two, four, 10, 20, 100, 1,000 or 12,000.
  • The promotion runs from 0:00 GMT on 19 December until the full cycle of 200,000 Twister Sit & Gos with a buy-in of €0.50 has been completed in full.
  • The available prize-pool is displayed before each Twister Sit & Go begins.
  • If a customer wins one of the vouchers, they will be contacted via email. Unclaimed vouchers will expire after 24 months of being credited.
  • The €6,000 Twister Warrior prize-pool is awarded as follows: €5,000 Holiday voucher to the winning player; €500 Prize voucher to both other entrants.
  • The €5,000 voucher can be used to book flights, accommodation, transfers and excursions to any destination of the customer’s choice subject to availability.
  • The €500 voucher can only be used to purchase one of the following prizes subject to availability: GoPro - HERO5; iPad mini 4; Samsung Galaxy S6; PlayStation 4 1TB bundle (includes FIFA 17 and wireless headphones); HP x2 210 notebook; Xbox One S 1TB bundle (includes FIFA 17 and headphones).
  • All bet365 offers are for recreational players only.
Play Twister Warrior

Six Plus Hold’Em

When Bet365 Poker customers play their Six Plus Hold’Em game, the lowest value cards are no longer in play, meaning stronger starting hands come up more often.

  • Six Plus Hold’em is played with a 36 card deck. Twos, Threes, Fours and Fives are removed.
  • Three of a kind beats a straight.
  • A flush beats a full house.
  • Flushes are stronger in this game as there are only nine cards in each suit. Aces still play low as well as high, meaning the lowest straight is A-6-7-8-9. The Six Plus Hold’em Hand Rankings gives more details.
  • The sequence and betting structure of the game is the same as standard Hold’em. The Hold'em playing guide provides more information.
Six Plus Hold’Em

€3,000 MTT Missions

Bet365 Poker customers can enter scheduled tournaments to book their seat in freerolls, and win a share of the prizes until 26th March 2017.

  • There are weekly rewards worth €3,000 in total.
  • Customers must take on missions to qualify for a Tournament Ticket and book their seat in freerolls.
  • There are two missions to complete, and customers can get up to eight freeroll Tournament Tickets each week as each mission can be completed up to four times within a qualifying period.
  • Once a customer has been credited with a Tournament Ticket they must register for their chosen freeroll.
  • Weekly qualifying periods run from 18:00 GMT each Sunday until 17:59 GMT the following Sunday.
  • The Missions and prizes are as follows:
MissionTournament Ticket Awarded
Play three Scheduled tournaments with a buy-in of €10 or less€500 MTT Mini Mission
Play three Scheduled tournaments with a buy-in of more than €10€2,500 MTT High Mission
  • The €500 MTT Mini Mission freerolls take place at 18:00 GMT and the €2,500 MTT High Mission freerolls take place at 18:15 GMT each Sunday during the promotional period.
  • Tournament Tickets are automatically credited to accounts after qualification.
  • If Tournament Tickets for entry to a freeroll are unused, they will expire 14 days after they are credited.
  • Unused Tournament Tickets won in freerolls expire two months after they are credited.
  • All freerolls are No Limit Hold’em ‘All In’ Shootouts.
  • Unused Tournament Tickets for entry to a freeroll expire 14 days after they are credited.
  • Unused Tournament Tickets won in freerolls expire two months after they are credited.


A bet365 customer takes part in three scheduled tournaments with a buy in of €10. They are then awarded a €500 MTT Mini Mission tournament ticket and use this to enter the tournament.

The customer also takes part in three scheduled tournaments with a buy in of €20. They are then awarded a €2,500 MTT High Mission tournament ticket and enter that tournament.

Take On Missions

Bet365 Poker Review

Bet365 Poker, launched in 2001, is one of the top destinations for players in the UK and abroad. The site is part of the iGaming network, which includes such sites as William Hill, Betfair, and Titan Poker and so there are always a huge number of players online, at a wide range of cash games, sit and gos and tournaments. Available in 17 different languages, Bet365 Poker have established themselves as an international company, although notably, players from the USA cannot access the games here due to local laws.

The games use Playtech software which provides clear graphics, is easy to download, and is suitable for new poker players. Lots of customers from the Bet365 Casino, sports betting and bingo sites migrate across to play poker here, meaning that there are numerous inexperienced players at the tables.

A good range of bonuses can be claimed, both by new and returning players, with a VIP scheme which can earn you cash rewards or tournament entries.


Anyone new to playing online poker should start at the Bet365 Poker University, which gives detailed advice on how to play the different types of the game, bankroll management, poker etiquette and more. As players progress through the University, they can take quizzes with bonuses paid for successful completion. There are several cash tables and freerolls exclusively for the use of new players during their first 90 days playing here.

Once some confidence has been gained or for anyone who already has some experience, players can participate in:

  • Texas Holdem
  • Omaha
  • Omaha Hi Lo
  • 7 Card Stud
  • 7 Card Stud Hi Lo
  • 5 Card Stud
  • Razz

There are high speed Turbo tables, two player tables, and private games where groups of friends can compete against each other. From the lobby area, it's easy to find a huge range of cash games and tournaments, at a range of buy ins from $0.01 to $200, with several freerolls a day. Some of these tournaments are exclusive to Bet365, and not available to the rest of the iGaming network.

Before playing, the poker software will need to be downloaded, but at only 4.97 mb, should download quickly, and although it can appear a little dated, the software works very well, is nicely presented, and reliable.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bet365 are well known for giving new players some generous welcome bonuses across all of their sites and the poker site is no exception. The actual details of the welcome bonus vary from time to time, but typically the first deposit amount will be released in the form of credits as the game is played, plus a small no deposit bonus on joining. Additionally, freeroll tournament credits can be claimed. Bonuses will also be given to players who transfer funds from another Bet365 site into a poker account.

With each game played, Merit Points are accumulated and these can be exchanged for cash, tournament tokens or loyalty rewards. Players earn Merit Points at the rate of 15 per $1 in rake generated or tournament fees. The VIP scheme has four levels from Bronze to Platinum and the higher up the VIP scheme, the better the Merit Points conversion rate gets. Players join the scheme as soon as they start playing.

Other promotions include Jackpot Sit and Gos, Steps Tournaments with guaranteed jackpots and satellite tournaments.


Funds can be paid into a Bet365 Poker account in 27 currencies, although games are played in US Dollars, Pounds or Euros. The major credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets and country specific money transfer systems are accepted. There are some minimum and maximum deposit amounts, usually £5-£10 minimum and anywhere up to £20,000 maximum. Bet365 do not charge any fees when depositing funds.

Withdrawals are processed within one working day and are also subject to similar minimum and maximum limits. The time taken for requested funds to be credited back to a players account depends on the method chosen, but range from 1 hour for certain e-wallets, 2-3 business days for credit and debit cards and up to 28 days for cheques.

Customer Support

The support team at Bet365 can be contacted at any time, by free phone on 08000-288-365, fax, call back form, or email via the form on the site. Unfortunately there is no live chat option.


Bet365 Poker are the biggest player in one of the biggest poker networks with thousands of players at the tables at any one time. The site may not be cutting edge in style, but it is all very clear and easy to follow, with a range of games and prices to suit all skills and budgets. There are always plenty of tournaments, with different prize pools, or guaranteed jackpots.

There are a lot of inexperienced players here, making for some easy pickings for the more skilful player, so the excellent Poker University is strongly recommended for those starting out. Bonuses and ongoing promotions are very competitive, with the VIP scheme and Merit Points system meaning that players can get hold of some decent ongoing bonuses.

Bet365 are a well established, trusted brand, licensed and regulated by the laws of Gibraltar, which ensure that games are audited for fairness and all funds are securely held.

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