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Taken 20 November 2017 10:04.

In-Play Texas Holdem.

Quick Seat Selection.

€10k November Rake Race

Betfair Poker October Rake Race

Betfair Poker customers can work their way leaderboard in the November Rake Race to win a share of €10,000.

€9,000 will be split across the top 20 players and the remaining €1,000 will be allocated to an all-in freeroll that the top 50 players will qualify for (see below for details).

For every €1 of rake or fee you get playing Poker during November = you’ll receive 25 status points. The more points you earn the higher up the leader board you go and if you finish top you’ll win €2,000.

This promotion holds a fixed prize pool of €10,000 of which €9,000 will be distributed amongst the top 20 players. The remaining €1,000 will be allocated to an All-In Freeroll that the top 50 players will qualify for. In the case of a tie between player’s leader board points, all players with an equal number of points will be issued the average amount of the corresponding prize ranks.

Rake Race

1€ 2,000
2€ 1,500
3€ 1,000
4€ 750
5€ 750
6€ 500
7€ 500
8€ 300
9€ 250
10€ 200
11€ 150
12€ 150
13€ 150
14€ 150
15€ 150
16€ 100
17€ 100
18€ 100
19€ 100
20€ 100


1€ 400
2€ 230
3€ 120
4€ 70
5€ 55
6€ 45
7€ 35
8€ 25
9€ 20

Freeroll will take place on 3rd November at 8pm

  • Only customers are eligible for this promotion.
  • This promotion begins at 00:00:01 on 01/11/2017 and ends on 30/11/2017 23:59:59.
  • All prizes will be paid out within three working days of the end of the promotional period.
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Irish Open 2018 Launch

Betfair Poker Irish Open

Betfair Poker customers can play in Satellites to win a seat at the Irish Open 2018.

The Irish Open Main Event 2018 will take place from 14th March – 18th March 2018 in the prestigious Citywest Hotel, Dublin. The buy in for the main event is €1000 + €150 but you could win a seat at Betfair Poker from as little as €1.

Irish Open 2018 €1 Satellite

Every day at 2pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm and 11pm UK time

Irish Open 2018 €10 Satellite

Every night at 7pm, 9pm and 11pm UK time

Irish Open 2018 €50 Satellite Final (1 x €1,150 seat GTD)

Every Sunday at 8pm UK time

  • You are playing to win a seat in the 2018 Irish Open Main Event worth €1,150, being held between 14th March – 18th March 2018.
  • The seats are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be converted to cash. You must play or forfeit the seat.
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Win Share of €12.5K with Twister Races

Betfair Poker €12.5K Twister Races

Betfair Poker customers can win a share of €12,000 in the weekly Betfair Twister races when they play poker and earn points, and work their way up the leaderboard.

  • The leaderboard resets every Monday and the top prize is €1,000.
  • The higher the value of the Twister game a customer plays, they more points they earn.
  • The prize values are €8,050 Cash + €4,450 Twister Tokens and are broken down as follows:
1€1,000 Cash
2€700 Cash
3€550 Cash
4€400 Cash
5€300 Cash
6€200 Cash + 3x€10 Twister Token
7-10€100 Cash + 3x€10 Twister Token
11-50€50 Cash + 4x€5 Twister Token
51-100€30 Cash + 4x€5 Twister Token
101-150101-150 €20 Cash + 4x€5 Twister Token
151-2503x€5 Twister Token
  • If more than one customer has the same amount of points, the player with more Twister tournament entries during the qualifying period will be ranked at the higher position.
  • Betfair’s standard terms and conditions apply to the promotion.
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€100k Fireworks Missions

Betfair Poker Fireworks Missions

Betfair Poker customers can win a share of over €100k by completing daily, weekly and monthly Poker missions until 3rd December.

Daily €500 Firework Missions

Duration: 30/10/2017 00:00 GMT - 03/12/2017 20:59 GMT

Opt in and complete the daily Twister or Cash Game Mission stated below:

WeekdayTwister MissionCash Game Mission
MondayPlay 1 €10 TwisterWin with straight or better
TuesdayWin 5x €1 TwisterBe dealt JJ or QQ
WednesdayPlay 10x €1 TwisterSee 20 flops
ThursdayPlay 2x €5 TwisterWin with PP
FridayWin 1 Twister (€5 min. buy in)Be dealt KK or AA
SaturdayPlay 5 Twister (€2 min. buy in)Win 2 hands at showdown
SundayWin 2 Twister (€2 min. buy in)Be dealt AK

Win 1 “€500 Firework Missions” ticket to enter the daily playable or all-in Freeroll. Max. 1 ticket per day for completing this task.

Cash Game Missions can be completed on the following tables:No Limit Texas Hold’em: €0,05/0,10 minimum blinds. Heads up tables excluded.

Weekly Missions

Duration: 30/10/2017 00:00 GMT – 26/11/2017 21:59 GMT

Opt in and complete the weekly Twister or Cash Game Mission stated below:

Twister MissionCash Game Mission
Win 15x Twister (€2 min. buy in)Be dealt QQ+ 10 times

Win a “€5,000 Firework Missions” ticket to enter the weekly playable or all-in Freeroll on Sundays during the term of the promotion.

Max. 1 ticket in total per week per player.

Cash Game Missions can be completed on the following tables:No Limit Texas Hold’em & 6+ Hold’em: €0,05/0,10 minimum blinds. Heads up tables excluded.

Monthly Missions

Duration: 30/10/2017 00:00 GMT - 03/12/2017 19:59 GMT

Play 10 daily freerolls (“€500 Firework Missions” and / or “€500 Firework Missions Flip”)

Win an entry ticket to the “€25,000 Firework Missions” playable freeroll on the 3rd December 2017.Max in ticket in total per player

Daily Freerolls

Daily €500 playable freerolls & €500 all-in Shootout freeroll.

Min. players: Playable: 5 & All-in: 151

Max. players: 10,000

You need to register but don’t have to play the All-in Freeroll.

StartEndOccurrenceTime GMTTournament NamePrize Pool
30-Oct-1703- Dec-17Daily(Mon – Sun)20:00€500 Firework Missions€500
30-Oct-1703-Dec-17Daily(Mon – Sun21:00€500 Firework Missions Flip€500

Weekly Freerolls

4x Weekly €5,000 playable freerolls & €5,000 all-in Shootout freerolls

Min. players: Playable: 10 & All-in: 977

Max. players: 10,000

DateDayTime GMTTournament NamePrize Pool
05-Nov-17Sunday20:00€5000 Firework Missions€5000
05-Nov-17Sunday22:00€5000 Firework Missions Flip€5000
12-Nov-17Sunday20:00€5000 Firework Missions€5000
12-Nov-17Sunday22:00€5000 Firework Missions Flip€5000
19-Nov-17Sunday20:00€5000 Firework Missions€5000
19-Nov-17Sunday22:00€5000 Firework Missions Flip€5000
26-Nov-17Sunday20:00€5000 Firework Missions€5000
26-Nov-17Sunday22:00€5000 Firework Missions Flip€5000

Monthly Freeroll

Monthly €25,000 playable freeroll

Min. players: 10

Max. players: 10,000

DateDayTime GMTTournament NamePrize Pool
03-Dec-17Sunday20:00€25,000 Firework Missions€ 25,000
  • To participate in this promotion, players must opt in via the poker software. Opt-in’s to daily missions will renew on a weekly basis.
  • Freeroll entry tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be converted to cash.
  • Minimum required players for the “€500 Firework Missions” Freerolls to start: 5.
  • Minimum required players for the “€500 Firework Missions Flip” Freerolls to start: 151.
  • Minimum required players for the “€5,000 Firework Missions” Freerolls to start: 10.
  • Minimum required players for the “€5,000 Firework Missions Flip” Freerolls to start: 977.
  • Minimum required players for the “€25,000 Firework Missions” Freerolls to start: 10.
  • All Freerolls will be capped at 10,000 maximum entrants.
  • Daily Mission qualifying periods: Daily from 30/10/2017 00:00 –23:59 GMT, except on 03/12/2017 when it ends at 20:59 GMT.
  • Weekly Mission qualifying period: from 30/10/2017 until 26/11/22017 Mondays 00:00 GMT – Sundays 21:59 GMT.
  • Monthly Mission qualifying period: from 30/10/2017 00:00 GMT until 03/12/2017 19:59 GMT.
  • For missions with daily requirements, the days reset at 00:00 GMT.
  • Maximum amount of “€500 Firework Missions” tickets issued per day for completing the Daily Missions: 1 per player (one ticket per task option).
  • Maximum amount of “€5,000 Firework Missions” tickets issued per week for completing the Weekly Missions: 1 per player.
  • Maximum amount of “€25,000 Firework Missions” tickets issued during the duration of the promotion for completing the Monthly Mission: 1 per player.
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Players' VIP Club - Earn Cash Rewards

Betfair Poker Players' VIP Club

The Players’ Club from Betfair Poker rewards customers for their loyalty every month with cash.

  • The loyalty scheme is based on Status Points which determine the level that a customer achieves in the VIP club.
  • Status points are calculated as follows:
Rake InStatus Points
  • The VIP Club has three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold and each level has a monthly Status Point requirement to achieve that specific Level.
  • A customer’s VIP level is calculated on a daily basis and customers can move up a level at any time.
  • A customers’ VIP level can only be reduced at the end of the month.
  • Status Points requirements are as follows:
VIP LevelStatus Points RequiredCalculation Period
  • A customers’ VIP Level entitles them to a Multiplier on any Status Points they earn, which is used to determine how many VIP Poker Points (VPPs) they receive in exchange for your play at Betfair Poker. Customers accumulate VPPs every time you generate rake in cash games or pay tournament fees.
  • Customers multiply their Status Points by their VIP club multiplier to determine their VPP amount.
  • For every 375 VPPs a customer cashes out, they will receive €1 or currency equivalent directly into their Betfair Poker wallet.
  • A minimum of 3750 VPPs applies to all Cash Out transactions.
  • VIP multiplier levels are as follows:
VIP LevelMultiplier


A customer earns 1,600 Status Points in a month and climbs from VIP Level Bronze to VIP level Silver. During the following month they are on VIP Level Silver, but only manage to earn 600 Status Points, so at the start of the next month they are downgraded to VIP Level Bronze.

While at VIP level Silver, if the customer had 1,600 Status Points these would be multiplied x 3 and would give the customer 4,800 VPPs. The customer could then cash these out to €12 into their poker wallet. 

Earn VIP Rewards

The Bank Job Win Points & Up To €100

Betfair Poker The Bank Job

The Bank Job promotion from Betfair Poker is open to all Betfair Poker customers. Customers must enter the bonus code at the start of each month and prizes up to €100 are then paid out as withdrawable money into their poker balance.

  • Customers can earn status points at Betfair Poker tables to release chunks of cash up to €100 throughout the month as they progress through the bonus. The payout structure is as follows:
Status PointsPrizeTotal Prize
  • Betfair standard terms and conditions apply to the promotion.
  • 30 Status Points are awarded for every £1 of rake paid for Cash/Ring games.
  • 30 Status Points are awarded for every £1 paid in fees for Sit 'n' Go Tournaments.
  • 30 VPP’s are awarded for every £1 paid in fees for Multi-Table Tournaments.


A customer enters the current month’s bonus code under the Rewards tab. They earn 750 Status Points by paying £25 in rake on cash games (£1 rake = 30 status points). This means the get a total €3.00 according to the payout structure.

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Twister Poker

Betfair Poker Twister Sit & Gos

Betfair Poker customers can win up to 1000x their buy in by playing Twister poker games.

Enter the Twister area of the Betfair Poker lobby and choose your stake.

The prizepool will be chosen at random before the tournament starts - it could be anything from x2 to x1000 your buy-in.Play the tournament winner takes all.

Multiplier€1 Twister€2 Twister€5 Twister€10 Twister€20 Twister€50 TwisterProbability (x in 100,000)

*80%/10%/10% payout for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Play Twister Poker

Betfair Poker Review

Betfair are one of the most innovative online gaming companies around, being the owners of the largest betting exchange in the world. Founded in 2000 as an online sportsbook, the poker site was launched shortly after and has become one of the major sites in the iPoker network, which is the biggest network in Europe, where thousands of users are online at any one time.

The iPoker network uses software provided by Playtech, one of the leading game developers, who have produced reliable, smooth running poker games which can be customised to suit each customer's preferences. Additionally, Betfair offer their players a range of generous sign up bonuses to welcome new customers and to keep people coming back to their tables.

Because Betfair are such a well known, trusted brand, many of their sportsbook, bingo and casino clients also try out the poker games here, making the competition fairly loose, particularly at the lower limit tables.

Bonuses and Promotions

New players are offered a joining bonus that can change occasionally, but is normally twice the value of the amount of their first deposit. This offer can also be claimed by existing Betfair customers transferring funds from a sports, bingo or casino account, as they operate a 'one wallet' system that lets customers open a single account and move funds between each part of the overall Betfair site.

As with most poker new player bonuses, the funds are released into the player's account in stages; here, for every $1 in rake generated or $1 spent on tournament entry fees, customers will receive a set number of Status Points. Once sufficient points have been earned, a part of the welcome bonus will be released with a time limit of 90 days to redeem the whole bonus amount.

The Bankroll Booster for new customers is a series of freerolls and added-money tournaments that run every day to help get a new player's account balance increased. Although the prizes are not huge, there are around 40-50 freerolls a day just for new users, so each player has a good chance of winning at least one.

Additionally, new customers can be offered extra bonuses which can be in the form of free bets or several entries to the weekly $1000 freeroll tournament.

For existing Betfair Poker clients, there are several ongoing promotions designed to help individuals enjoy more games for less outlay. The VIP Club is open to all, with 10 levels plus three elite levels for the highest rolling players. Status Points are earned from rake generated and tournament fees paid, with the number of points accumulated by each player over the previous three months reviewed at the end of each month, and the VIP Club level adjusted accordingly. Status Points are awarded at higher conversion rates at each Club level, and then, somewhat confusingly, converted to VIP Poker Points which can be exchanged for cash. VIP Club members also get access to exclusive weekly or monthly freeroll tournaments depending on their level.

There are always a number of special offers on at any time, which will change quite frequently and can include prizes for the players earning the most Status Points in the week or month, free Sit and Go tournament entry or cash bonuses for playing particular games at certain times.


Newcomers to poker can learn the basics of each game in the comprehensive 'How to Play' section of the Betfair site, with detailed introductions to:

  • Texas Holdem
  • Omaha
  • Omaha Hi/Lo
  • 5 Card Stud
  • 7 Card Stud
  • 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo

Texas Holdem and Omaha can also be played in speed variants, where a player faces different opponents with each hand.

As the iPoker network is so large, players will find a huge number of games to buy in to at any budget, scheduled and Sit and Go tournaments starting every few minutes, guaranteed prize pool games, around 30 free tournaments a week, and satellites to the WSOP, WPT, and EPT. Cash games can be found with blinds from $0.1 to $100 or more, with a rake of between 1-5% depending on the game, and can be found in different formats like heads up, six handed and nine handed. Being a European-based network, player traffic drops off significantly at some hours, but even at 3 am there are still games running.

The desktop software is stable and reliable, with players able to view stats, customise the look and layout of the tables and have the option to play up to 15 tables at once. Like other poker software, it needs to be downloaded onto a player's PC first, although the process only take a few minutes.


Money can be deposited into a Betfair Poker account using the most popular credit and debit cards, as well as by bank transfer, cheque and a number of money transfer service providers. Unusually, Betfair do not currently accept payment using prepaid cards or vouchers, as they have a pretty strict policy of returning any withdrawn funds back to the same card or transfer service used to make the deposit wherever possible.

Withdrawals are processed very quickly, with most handled on the same or next working day, although the time taken for funds to appear back in the customers account can vary depending on the payment processer's systems.

Betfair Poker is licensed and regulated in Malta, and part of this license requires that all transactions are carried out over secure servers and all customer details are kept securely.


Betfair is a well established, trusted brand with a great reputation for providing quality games to their customers. By using the iPoker network, players will always be able to find the game they want at the price they are looking for, and the size of the network means that there are usually plenty of users online. Bonuses are competitive and by opening an account at Betfair, clients can access the sports, bingo and casino parts of the site.

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