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Win Share of €4K in Weekend Freerolls

Stan James Poker Weekend Freerolls

Stan James Poker customers can play in their €4,000 weekend freerolls every Saturday and Sunday, to win their share of €4,000. Customers must play the required number of raked hands at cash game tables to qualify and join in the tournaments on Saturday and Sunday.

The details of the tournaments are as follows:

€1,000 Saturday Freeroll

  • Takes place every Saturday at 17:00 UK time.
  • Customers must play at least 25 raked hands in the 24 hours before the tournament starts.
  • Buy in is free.
  • Blinds: 8 minutes.
  • Starting chips: 1000 chips.

Sunday €3,000 Freeroll

  • Takes place every Sunday at 17:00 UK time.
  • Customers must play at least 100 raked hands in the seven days before the tournament starts.
  • Buy in is free.
  • Blinds: 8 minutes.
  • Starting chips: 1000 chips.

A raked hand is a hand played at cash game tables where a player contributed to the pot and a flop is seen.

Customers must allow time for the cashed hands to register in the system, which is usually 15 minutes after a cash game session has ended.


A customer plays 25 raked hands in the 24 hours before the €1,000 Saturday Freeroll starts (from 17:00 on Friday until 17:00 on Saturday). They are then eligible to join in the Saturday Freeroll Tournament.

If the customer has also played at least 100 hands in the seven days before the Sunday €3,000 Freeroll tournament at 17:00 on Sunday, they can also join in the Sunday tournament with a chance to win a share of €3,000.

Play Weekend Freerolls

Cash Game Bad Beat Jackpot

Stan James Poker Bad Beat Jackpot

Stan James Poker customers playing at €0.10/€0.20 or higher Hold'em tables can take part in the Bad Beat Jackpot to win cash prizes. Opt in by clicking the Bad Beat ticker on any qualifying table. Once you have opted in, you will contribute 2 cents per hand towards the jackpot.

The jackpot is triggered when a player's hand, which can be any four of a kind or better, is beaten by a better hand.

The jackpot hits even if the players involved in the Bad Beat aren't opted in themselves.

You don't even have to be involved in the hand to win. If the jackpot is triggered, everybody playing at the same stakes will win cash.

You can opt in and out of the jackpot at any time, but if you opt out you won't be eligible to win a prize.

The Rules

Triggering the Jackpot

  • The losing hand must contain four of a kind 2s or better.
  • Both the winning and losing hands must use both hole cards in combination with three board cards.
  • The hand must go to a showdown.
  • There is no minimum number of players required for the jackpot to trigger.


  • The value of the jackpot contribution is €0.02 (two cents).
  • The jackpot contribution is taken from your balance at the start of the hand, immediately after the blinds and antes are posted.
  • Jackpot contributions continue to accumulate until the jackpot is won.

Allocation of Prizes

80% of the current jackpot is distributed as follows:

  • 40% is awarded to the losing hand (the bad beat winner).
  • 20% is awarded to the winning hand.
  • 10% is awarded to the other players at the table where the jackpot was triggered.
  • 10% is awarded to players playing at the same stakes.
  • 20% is used to 'seed' the next Bad Beat Jackpot.


  • You must be opted-in to receive any jackpot prize.
  • If you are sitting out when the jackpot is triggered you are not eligible for a prize.
  • If you have not contributed to the jackpot (for example, if your balance at the table is not sufficient to take the €0.02 contribution) then you are not eligible for a prize.
  • If the player with the losing hand (the bad beat winner) or the player with the winning hand is not opted in to the jackpot, then the jackpot will still hit but their share(s) will be added to the seed for the next jackpot. Other prizes will still be paid to opted-in players.
  • All prizes will be rounded down to the nearest cent, with any amount left over due to rounding going towards the seed for the next jackpot.
  • If more than two hands qualify for the bad beat, then the two highest hands count as the 'losing' and 'winning' hands. In the event that two qualifying jackpot hands occur at the same time, the hand which is completed first is awarded the Bad Beat Jackpot.
Opt in To Bad Beat

Blaze Poker

Stan James Blaze Poker

Stan James Poker customers can play Blaze Poker. Rather than joining a single table you join a large pool of players playing at the same stake range.

The basic rules of poker still apply.

At the beginning of each hand, the system randomly seats players from the pool at different tables. When you complete or fold your hand, you are immediately moved back to the pool and the system randomly sits you at another table. You do not have to wait until the original hand is complete, you can fold out of turn and move on to the next hand.

Playing a Blaze Poker Hand

Blinds are assigned to players who have played the longest without posting them.When appropriate, the standard Fold, Check, Bet and Raise buttons are displayed on the table.

Quick Fold

A Quick Fold button is available on Blaze Poker tables. The button is clickable even if it is not the your turn. You can click this button to fold and move to a new table without having to wait for the hand to complete.

When you click the button, you are seated at an empty table where you wait for enough players to join to start the hand.

When you choose to Quick Fold, the other players at the table still see you seated until the hand is complete.

Note:The Quick Fold button is available only when you do not have the option to Check.

Play Blaze Poker

Poker Elite Club

Stan James Poker Elite Club

Qualify for the Stan James Poker Elite Club by earning a minimum of 10,000 poker loyalty points in a calendar month and get a range of benefits.

VIP account management

Contact our dedicated poker support team for any queries you have.We'll ensure your withdrawals are handled as a priority and issues you may encounter are dealt with immediately.

Monthly Elite Club reloads

Take advantage of Elite reloads when you qualify to the Elite club.All qualifying players will get the chance to make a deposit between 3rd and 10th of each month to bag an instant cash reload depending on loyalty points earned the previous month.

Monthly loyalty points earnedReload offer
10,000Deposit $250 and get a $50 instant cash bonus
25,000Deposit $500 and get a $200 instant cash bonus
50,000+Deposit $1,000 and get a $500 instant cash bonus

Monthly Elite Club Freeroll

On the 3rd of each month we'll host a $1,500 Elite Club Flip Freeroll.All players who qualify as an Elite Club member in the previous month will get pre-registered with 1 starting chip.Everyone will be set all in each hand until you win or are eliminated, there's no need to play, the tournament plays out automatically.All you'll need to do is survive a few flips to finish in the cash.

VIP Hospitality

Join us at a premium UK horse racing venue where you'll be wined and dined and we'll share our expert tips.VIP qualifiers to our MPN Poker tour will also get looked after by our event host at the venue.

  • Promotional period (first qualifying month) starts 1st July 2017 until further notice.
  • Players must earn at least 10,000 loyalty points in a calendar month to qualify for elite club benefits during the following month.
  • Points are counted from 00:01 GMT on the 1st of each month until 23:59 GMT on the last day of each month.
  • VIP reloads will be available for deposits made from 3rd of each month until 10th of each month.
  • Deposits made to qualify for a reload MUST be a new deposit from a recognised payment method.
  • If withdrawals from poker are made between 28th of the previous month and 3rd of the following month which are of an equal or greater amount than the amount required to deposit to trigger the instant bonus, the bonus will be removed automatically.
  • Withdrawls made after 3rd of each month which are subsequently deposited to trigger the bonus will also result in the automatic removal of the intant cash bonus.
  • Any reload bonus credited after a transfer to poker without a qualifying deposit being made will result in the removal of the bonus.
  • Instant cash reloads must be played through, the wagering requirement is 3 x the bonus, you have 20 days to play through the bonus.
  • The bonus is released in two increments (75% and 25%).
  • Attempts to withdraw funds from poker when a bonus is active will result in the removal of the bonus.
  • VIP hospitality would normally include entrance and hospitality to a UK racing event, travel to or from the venue is not normally included.
  • Hospitality days will be offered whenever places area vailable in our planned VIP events.
Join the Elite Club

Loyalty Points For Cashback Up To 30%

Stan James Poker Cashback Up To 30%

Stan James Pokers customers can get up to 30% cashback each week when they use their loyalty points.

  • Customers will earn 10 loyalty points for every $1 in fees they pay at cash game tables as they play and every $1 in tournament fees they pay at multi table tournaments and sit and go tournaments.
  • Loyalty points levels are as follows:
Loyalty Level1st Team PlayerInternationalCaptainLegend
Weekly loyalty point requirement0 - 499 points500 - 999 points1000 - 1999 point2000 or more
Points for cash value10% cash back10% cash back10% cash back10% cash back
Weekly cash back paid each Thursday-10% extra cash back15% extra cash back20% extra cash back
Total cash back value10%20%25%30%
Use points to buy-in to tournamentsYesYesYesYes
Bonus loyalty points---Yes
  • Customers can convert loyalty points to cash at a value of 10% of fees they pay subject to a minimum of 100 points earned at any time they wish.
  • To do this, when logged in customers must select "View and redeem my loyalty points". They will be offered the opportunity to convert points to cash subject to a minimum balance of 100 points.
  • Once a customer has converted points their Poker account will be credited with cash immediately.
  • Cashing in points will not affect points earned during any week for the additional cash back payment.
  • Every Thursday Stan James will pay customers an additional percentage of the fees they pay during that week at the rate in the table above.
  • Legend level players in their grace period will need to earn the minimum required points to get the 20% payment each week.
  • Customers can also use their points for buy in for Sit & Go or Multi Table tournaments instead of cashing points in. Any tournament with "SP" after the buy in amount allows points buy ins.
  • Bonus points cannot be converted to cash and do not count towards loyalty level.
  • Bonus points can be used to join Sit and Go and Multi Table Tournaments.


A customer at the 1st Team Player loyalty level at Stan James Poker can get 10% cash back on their points at any time, to the value of 10% of their fees paid, subject to a minimum of 100 points earned. They will not get any extra cash back on a Thursday. They must earn between 0 and 499 loyalty points in a week to remain at this level.

A customer at the International loyalty level can get 10% cash back on their points at any time, to the value of 10% of their fees paid, and an additional 10% cash back each week on a Thursday. They must earn between 500 and 999 loyalty points in week to remain at this level.

A customer at Legend loyalty level can get 10% cash back on their points at any time, to the value of 10% of their fees paid, and an additional 20% cash back each week on a Thursday. This means they could get 30% cash back in a week. They must earn 2000 or more points in a week to remain at this level.

Earn Loyalty Points

$1,500 Loyalty Point Chase

Stan James Poker The Chase

Stan James Poker customers can opt into a loyalty point Chase for a chance to win $1,500.

The Chase1st - 15th NovemberThe Chase16th - 30th November

Earn 10 Poker loyalty points for every $1 in rake or fees you pay while playing real money poker.At the end of each 2 week period your cashback amount will depend on your loyalty point tier, the tiers are as follows:

Loyalty points earnedCash PrizeLoyalty points earnedCash Prize
250 loyalty points$2.5015000 loyalty points$150.00
500 loyalty points$5.0015500 loyalty points$155.00
750 loyalty points$7.5016000 loyalty points$160.00
1000 loyalty points$10.0016500 loyalty points$165.00
1500 loyalty points$15.0017000 loyalty points$170.00
2000 loyalty points$20.0017500 loyalty points$175.00
2500 loyalty points$25.0019000 loyalty points$190.00
3000 loyalty points$30.0020000 loyalty points$200.00
3500 loyalty points$35.0022500 loyalty points$225.00
4000 loyalty points$40.0025000 loyalty points$250.00
4500 loyalty points$45.0027500 loyalty points$275.00
5000 loyalty points$50.0030000 loyalty points$300.00
5500 loyalty points$55.0032500 loyalty points$325.00
6000 loyalty points$60.0035000 loyalty points$350.00
6500 loyalty points$65.0037500 loyalty points$375.00
7000 loyalty points$70.0040000 loyalty points$400.00
7500 loyalty points$75.0042500 loyalty points$425.00
8000 loyalty points$80.0045000 loyalty points$450.00
8500 loyalty points$85.0047500 loyalty points$475.00
9000 loyalty points$90.0050000 loyalty points$500.00
9500 loyalty points$95.0055000 loyalty points$550.00
10000 loyalty points$100.0060000 loyalty points$600.00
10500 loyalty points$105.0070000 loyalty points$700.00
11000 loyalty points$110.0080000 loyalty points$800.00
11500 loyalty points$115.0090000 loyalty points$900.00
12000 loyalty points$120.00100000 loyalty points$1000.00
12500 loyalty points$125.00110000 loyalty points$1100.00
13000 loyalty points$130.00120000 loyalty points$1200.00
13500 loyalty points$135.00130000 loyalty points$1300.00
14000 loyalty points$140.00140000 loyalty points$1400.00
14500 loyalty points$145.00150000 loyalty points$150.00
  • Players are required to opt-in to this promotion in order to be eligible.ONCE YOU OPT IN TO A CHASE YOU ARE AUTOMATICALLY OPTED IN TO ALL CHASES.
  • Tournament fees are included in total rake.
  • Prizes will be awarded no later than 24hrs after each chase has ended.
  • Prizes are not cumulative. Players will receive the highest prize attained based on the total amount of loyalty points earned at the end of each chase.
Join the Chase

€50,000 Konnect Kings

Stan James Poker Konnect Kings

Stan James Poker customers can play €50,000 Konnect Kings till 26th November to win cash prizes.

Connect four winning King hands in a line on the Konnect Kings board to win an instant cash prize of €10.There's up to €80 for each player to be won if you fill the board. Once the €50,000 prizepool has been paid out, the board will disappear.

  • The promotion runs from November 13th 2017 at 00:00 GMT until 13th of November at 23:59 GMT or until the €50,000 prize fund has been spent, whichever comes first.
  • The promotion is limited to Hold Em cash games of stakes €0.10/€0.20 and higher.
  • €10 cash will be instantly credited to when you complete a horizontal or vertical line.
  • Diagonal lines on the board do not award a prize.
  • The maximum an individual player can win from the promotion is €80.
  • No alternative prizes will be offered.
Play Konnect Kings

$100 Casino Side Games Bonus

Stan James Poker Casino Side Games

Stan James Poker customers can carry over a portion of their bankroll every Monday with a guaranteed 10% cash back offer on casino in poker side games.

Collect a 10% bonus on side game losses and get as much as $100 cash back.

  • This promotion is open for all customers.
  • The bonus represents 10% of the losses incurred on the player's total casino side game bets within the poker software, during the running of this offer.
  • Any bonus rewarded will be excluded from any losses incurred from the previous weeks' bonus credit.
  • The minimum number of bets required to qualify for cash back is 10 (10 spins on slots, 10 seperate hands on card games or 10 spins on roulette tables).
  • The Cash Back Bonus is up to a maximum amount of $100.
  • Cash back is credited as bonus cash.
  • Bonus cash must be wagered 30 x within 3 days of being credited.
  • Cash Back Bonus will be credited up to 72 hours after the promotional period has ended.
  • The promotional period for this offer will be from 00:00 (GMT) Monday to 23:59 (GMT) Sunday weekly from 20th March 2017.
  • Cash Back Bonuses will only be issued on any losses exceeding $50 in a valid promotiopnal period.
Play Side Games

Stan James Poker Review

Running on the big Microgaming Poker Network, Stan James can offer their customers access to an impressive selection of cash games, Sit and Go and scheduled tournaments, plus some generous bonuses for new registrations and regular players. The company made its name as a high street bookmakers, with around 65 shops in the UK and now have a range of online gaming sites, including a sportsbook, which pioneered in-play betting, and a casino which uses software from a number of developers for a unique mix of games.

The poker site is nicely presented, clearly displaying the current welcome bonus for new players, while below that, visitors can see information about some of the game variations, special tournament offers, bonus games, and quick links to either download the software or try a instant play mode.


All popular types of poker can be found here, including Texas Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, 5 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud, 5 Card Draw and Razz. The popular and fast-paced Blaze Poker, where players change tables after every hand, is also available.

The Microgaming software is very stable, with decent graphics and, following a recent re-design, the cards are now exceptionally clear to see. Many of the larger UK-based betting companies use the network, which means that 10,000s of players can be online at peak times, including lots of recreational players who have migrated across from the casino and sportsbook sides to try the games out. A downside of this network is that residents of many countries, including the USA, cannot play here due to local laws.

The lobby area is easy to navigate, and finding a table is just a process of deciding which version of poker to play and choosing from the detailed list. The lobby shows the stakes, whether it is No Limit, Fixed Limit or Pot Limit, the number of players and Hands per Hour.

Some of the most popular games are at the anonymous tables, where players who are building up a profile, or do not want others to know what their skill level is, can just play without revealing their identity. Once sat at a game, players can view game statistics, while decision-making is done using clear, easy controls.

Bonuses and Promotions

New customers can claim a welcome bonus, which in common with other poker sites, is released into the players account in stages as they accumulate player points. There are also a number of freeroll tournaments, just for those who have recently registered, where they can practice their skills and win real cash without using their own money. These are open for six weeks after signing up, giving new clients plenty of opportunity to gain experience.

The Poker Players Club awards loyalty points for each $1 in cash rake generated, or each $1 spent on tournament fees. There are four levels to the club, with members at the 1st Team Player level getting a 10% rake back each week, while those at the top level, Legend, get a 30% rake back plus bonus loyalty points. All players can exchange their points for cash or use them to pay for tournament entry, while there are special hidden benefits such as deposit bonuses or tournaments which are offered to all club members.

Stan James feature lots of guaranteed jackpot tournaments which can have prizes of $50,000+ and there are two daily Jackpot Tournaments, which reward the top 10 competitors extra winnings and pay out a large prize to any player who wins both on the same night. There are usually plenty of other promotions to be found, which, although will change from time to time, can include free sports bets for playing in designated tournaments and a Bad Beat progressive jackpot which pays out when a hand of four of a kind 2s or better is beaten. All players who have opted into the Bad Beat will share the prize, even if they are not currently logged in.


Funds can be paid into a Stan James Poker account using most of the common methods popular in the UK, such as credit and debit cards, pre-paid vouchers or cards, e-wallets and bank transfers. There is detailed information on each deposit and withdrawal method and how to use them on their website under the 'Help' section. Withdrawals are processed within one working day, although the funds may take 3-5 days to appear back in the customer's bank account.

Stan James are licensed and regulated in Gibraltar and as part of the requirements of this license, player's money is protected at all times and all transactions are carried out securely. An additional benefit of holding an account here is that the same funds can be used at the sports betting and casino sites, with no need to open new accounts.


Most of what Stan James do is done very well, and they are real innovators in many ways. The Microgaming network is home to many popular betting companies, especially UK-focused ones, and there are always thousands of players online. This means more games with a wider range of buy-ins, as well as an extensive selection of tournaments. All of the most popular poker variants are available, and Blaze Poker is an exciting addition to the more established types, perfect for anyone who likes fast action against numerous competitors.

Banking and Customer Support are efficient and well run, which is to be expected from a major provider like Stan James.

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Stan James

Founded in 1973 operating primarily online with 65 shops in the UK.

Stan James Casino

A good all round offering with slots, live dealers and all the classic games.

Stan James Free Bet

One of the best UK in-play bookmakers.